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Tupolev Design Bureau - Projects

There are two series of aircraft with designators indicating their origins with A.N.Tupolev. The first series - ANT - were designed prior to Tupolev's arrest in 1937. The second series - Tu - began after his release from prison.

ANT = Andrey Nikolayevich Tupolev
ANT-1 experimental sport aviette
ANT-2 experimental light passenger
ANT-2 bis light passenger
ANT-3R-3 Proletariy recon
ANT-4TB-1 / G-1heavy bomber
ANT-5I-4 fighter
ANT-6TB-3 / G-2 heavy bomber
ANT-7R-6 reconnaissance
ANT-8MDR-2 experimental maritime long-range recon
ANT-9 PS-9passenger plane
ANT-10R-7 prototype reconnaissance
ANT-11MTBT Maritime heavy bomber torpedo (draft)
ANT-12I-5 fighter (draft)
ANT-13I-8 experimental fighter
ANT-14 experimental airliner
ANT-15DI 3 two-seat fighter (draft)
ANT-16TB-4 experimental heavy bomber
ANT-17TS-1 (TS-B) heavy attack (draft)
ANT-18TSh-1 TSh-Bheavy attack (based on P-6, draft)
ANT-19 Passenger Airliner (draft)
ANT-20MG Maxim Gorky propaganda plane giant
ANT-20bisPS-124 passenger plane
ANT-21MI-3 experimental multi-seat fighter
ANT-21bisMI-3D experimental multi-seat fighter (understudy)
ANT-22MK-1 experimental cruiser Marine
ANT-23 I-12experimental fighter
ANT-23bisI-12bis experimental fighter (understudy)
ANT-24 heavy bomber (project)
ANT-25 RD a record distant plane
ANT-26TB-6 heavy bomber (draft)
ANT-27 MDR-4 Marine experimental long-range reconnaissance
ANT-27bis MTB-1 Marine Heavy Bomber
ANT-28 passenger (based on the ANT-26, draft)
ANT-29DIP 1 twin-engine fighter prototype gun
ANT-30SK-1 land cruiser (draft)
ANT-31I-14 fighter
ANT-31bisI-14bis fighter (understudy)
ANT-32I-13 fighter (draft)
ANT-33 Passenger Airliner (draft)
ANT-34 MI-4 multi-seat fighter(project)
ANT-35 passenger
ANT-35bis experimental airliner (understudy)
ANT-36DB-1 (RD-BB) long-range bomber
ANT-37 DB-2 long-range bomber
ANT-37bisDB-2B record distant plane
ANT-38VSB-1 high-altitude high-speed bomber (draft) similar to ANT-40
ANT-39 Passenger Airliner (draft)
ANT-40SB speed bomber
ANT-41 T-1 (LK-1)experimental torpedo
ANT-42TB-7 heavy bomber Pe-8
ANT-43 experimental airliner
ANT-44MTB-2 experimental marine torpedo-bomber
ANT-44bisMTB-2 bis experimental marine torpedo-bomber (understudy)
ANT-45 DIP twin-engine fighter gun (draft)
ANT-46DI-8 experimental double fighter
ANT-46bisTIE-8bis experimental double fighter (understudy)
ANT-47I-20 Fighter (draft)
ANT-48SS speed sports plane (project)
ANT-49 reconnaissance (draft)
ANT-50 Passenger Airliner (draft)
ANT-51BB-1, SZ, NW short-range bomber and reconnaissance Su-2 "Ivanov"
ANT-52 Marine long-range reconnaissance (draft)
ANT-53 passenger plane (based on the TB-7 project)
ANT-56CRP high-speed reconnaissance bomber (draft)
ANT-57 PB dive bomber (draft)
ANT-58 Tu-2
ANT-69 Tu-8
item 58 (103) FB experimental front-line dive bomber
product 59 (103U) experimental front-line dive bomber (with AM-37)
item 60 (103B)Tu-2 frontline dive bomber
item 61 Tu-2S front-line dive bomber
item 62Tu-2D long-range long-range bomber
item 62T Tu-2T experimental torpedo carrier (based on 62)
item 63 DDBexperimental high-speed day bomber (based on 58)
item 68 Tu-4

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