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Tu-143 Reys

"Reis" complex was designed, tested and put into serial production within extremely short period - less than four years. In 1972 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, launcher, transportation and loading vehicle and test system were put into serial production. The complex was soon launched into operation and was widely used in combatant units. Total serial output of these aerial vehicles is about 1000 machines. Reconnaissance aircraft was built in three reconnaissance versions - photographic, TV and radiation. Data from TV and radiation equipment was linked down to ground data acquisition center in real time. "Reis" complexes have been operated till now days.

"Reis" complex was delivered to a number of foreign countries where it was used in real conditions and showed worth. "Reis" complex was followed by efficient reconnaissance complex "Strizh" with more extended range of reconnaissance equipment: photo- , IR-, TV-, laser and radio-systems. The complex provides reconnaissance range of 450 km. The complex was quickly introduced into combatant units and have been in operation in our Army till now.

In 1973 activities on unmanned aerial vehicles were headed by Georgiiy Gofbauer - one of leading specialists of our DB , who occupied this post for more than 20 years. He was the person who directly organized serial production of "Reis".

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