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People's Liberation Army - Ground - 2016

Army - Introduction
Army - Equipment
Army - Facilities

Numerous Separate Brigades, Regiments and other such smaller units not listed, for sake of clarity.

Joint Staff Department

Northern Theater Command

16 Group Army 39 Group Army 40 Group Army
4 Armored DIV 3 Armored DIV
46 Motorized Infantry DIV 115 Mechanized Infantry DIV
69th Motorized Infantry DIV 116 Mechanized Infantry DIV
190 Mechanized Infantry DIV
26 Group Army
8 Armored DIV

Central Theater Command

27 Group Army 38 Group Army 65 Group Army
6 Armored DIV 193 DIV
112 Mechanized Infantry DIV
113 Mechanized Infantry DIV
20 Group Army 54 Group Army Beijing Garrison
127 Lt. Mechanized Infantry DIV
162 Motorized Infantry DIV
U/I Armored DIV

Western Theater Command

4th DIV 6th Mechanized Infantry DIV 8th Motorized Infantry DIV
11th Motorized DIV
13 Group Army 21 Group Army 47 Group Army
37 DIV 12 Armored DIV
149 Motorized Infantry DIV 61 DIV

Eastern Theater Command

1 Group Army 12 Group Army 31 Group Army
1 Amph Mech Infantry DIV 12 Armored DIV 86th Amphibious Mech DIV
86 Motorized Infantry DIV
10 Armored DIV 91 Motorized Infantry DIV
9th Artillery DIV
Shanghai Garrison

Southern Theater Command

14 Group Army 41 Group Army 42 Group Army
31 DIV 121 Infantry DIV 124 Amph. Mech DIV
40 DIV 123 Amph. Mech DIV
123 Motorized Infantry DIV
163 DIV
Hong Kong Garrison Macao Garrison

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