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13th Group Army
"Chuan Army"

The 13th Group Army consists of two divisions, an armored brigade, an anti-aircraft artillery brigade, a field artillery brigade and a communications regiment. The unit is considered to be a Category A unit indicating that the 13th's subordinate units are fully trained and have been fully equipped with modern weapons.

The 13th Group Army traces its lineage to a military subdistrict of the T'aiyueh Military District in 1939. In 1945 the first subdistrict was reorganized and was redesignated as the Ta'iyueh Column and in 1946 the unit was again redesignated, this time as the 4th Column under the Second Field Army. In 1949 the 4th Column was reorganized and was redesignated the 13th Corps. The 13th was comprised of the 37th, 38th and 39th Divisions. In the early 1950s the 13th was reorganized and assigned to the 4th Army. At this time the 13th Corps was located in Yunnan and some of its subordinate units were transferred to the newly activated 14th Corps.

In September 2003 the 13th Group Army is reported to have deployed along Yunnan's border with Myanmar (Burma) and relieved border guards. The 13th was apparently deployed to the region to offset any instability that might occur if the Myanmar government collapsed. Reports indicate that an air defense or AAA unit had deployed near Mengzhi village. The size of the deployment is unclear. (Asia Times 21 Nov 2003)

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