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Beijing Garrison

The Beijing Garrison and Tianjin Garrison are subordinate to the Beijing Military Region headquarters. The Beijing Garrison is comprised of an unidentified division and a reserve AAA division. The Central Guard Regiment is also located at the Beijing Garrison though it is under the operational control of the CMC through the General Staff Department. Multiple sources, including Blasko and Xinhui at China lists the Beijing Garrison as having to subordinate divisions, the 1st Garrison Division and the 3rd Garrison Division. Unfortunately, multiple editions of the Directory of PRC Military Personalities do not identify a second division.

The remaining division at the Beijing Garrison is believed to be the 1st Garrison Division. It is probable that this divisions mission (whatever its designation) is tasked with providing security and guard duty to various PLA facilities throughout the city as well as insuring that off-duty soldiers are adhering to laws, essentially a courtesy patrol. According to some sources, this division is comprised of some six regiments (1st through 6th). [China]

The 2nd Capital Garrison Division was initially established during the Civil War under the 24th Army Group as a mechanized infantry division. It was transferred the Beijing Garrison in March 1966. It has since been disbanded though the date that this occurred is unclear. The unit was organized with five regiments (7th, 8th, 10th, 12th, and 14th). [China]

The 3rd Garrison Division (51116 Unit), prior to its being disbanded, (if in fact that is what took place) was tasked to provide external defense and was located in Shunyi. Blasko states that the division was comprised of three infantry regiments, an armor regiment, an artillery regiment and an anit-aircraft artillery regiment. One of these regiments was the 11th Regiment located outside of Huairou northeast of Beijing, which was open to visitors. (9th & 13th Regiments)

The 4th Garrison Division was disbanded in 1985.

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