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12th Group Army

The 12th Group Army, headquartered in Xuzhou, is comprised of three divisions, two motorized infantry brigades, a AAA brigade, an artillery brigade, an anti-chemical regiment, an engineer regiment, and a pontoon regiment.

The 12th Group Army traces its origins to the Third Military Sub-district of the T'aihang Military District, Chin-Chi-Yu MT in 1939. In 1945 the unit was reorganized and redesignated the 16th Brigade under the New Fourth Army. In 1946 elements of the brigade were reorganized and redesignated the 6th Column of which the 16th, 17th and 18th Brigades were subordinate to. In 1949 the 6th Column was reorganized and redesignated the 12th Corps comprised of the 34th, 35th and 36th Divisions. In the early 1950s the 36th Division became independent.

The 2nd Tank Division (now the 2nd Armored Division believed to be part of the 12th GA) conducted offensive exercises and air-land coordinated attack exercises in early May 1991 in the Xuzhou area of the Jiansu province. The exercises included a helicopter unit from another Group Army and involved the use of T-59 II, T-69s and T-79 tanks. [Yang 1993]

A tank regiment of the 2nd Tank Division conducted routine training and a combat shooting and training evaluation in mid and late September 1991 in Zhulan, Anhui Province. [Yang 1993]

An unidentified "Red Army" Regiment stationed in North Jiangsu (possibly attached to the 36th Division or an unidentified division at that location) has intensified its amphibious warfare training efforts. The unit has reportedly constructed a training base for opposing force exercises and has established a Blue Force Fendui (battalion). Subordinate fenduis routinely train against the Blue Force unit. Additionally, the regiment has explored methods of conducting psychological warfare and has also conducted sea-crossing and landing exercises utilizing civilian vessels. The regiment has also trained in loading and unloading heavy equipment, organizing amphibious landings, and conducted artillery exercises from vessels. [Nanjing MR Renmin Qianxin 18 Feb 2003 (PLA Activities Report Feb 2003)]

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