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20th Group Army

The 20th Group Army traces its lineage to the late 1930s with the establishment of three detachments of the New Fourth Army. In 1941 these detachments were consolidated into the 1st Division based in the Su-Chang MR. In 1945 the unit was simply redesignated as the 1st Division and in 1946 the unit was reorganized and was redesignated as the 1st Column of the East China Field Army. Around 1948 the unit was again reorganized and was redesignated as the 20th Corps under Liu Fei. The 20th was comprised of the 58th, 59th and 60th Divisions.

Sometime in 1950 the unit is believed to have been reassigned to the 8th Army, and was sent to Korea in October 1950. Upon its return to China following the war the 20th was located in the Chekiang area.

Unit 71315, an unidentified AAA Brigade, conducted live-fire exercises during the late Fall 2002. The unit deployed from its normal location via train moved to is assigned operating location and conducted the exercises which defending against enemy aircraft and aerial surveillance. The exercise lasted roughly thirty-sx hours and specifically tested two battalions. [Liberation Army Daily 6 Nov 2002 / Jinan MR Qianwei Bao 8 Nov (PLA Activities Report Nov 2002)]

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