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China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC)

Holding Company
  China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
Share Holding Companies
Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
Dalian Shipyard
Liaoning Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Wuchang Shipyard
Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanhaiguan Shipyard
Marine Machinery Enterprises Yichang Marine Diesel Works
Wuhan Special Shipbuilding Equipment Plant
HanGuang Machinery Plant
Research and Development Institutes
CSIC-No.701 Research and Development Institute SHIPS
CSIC-No.702 Research and Development Institute hydrodynamics
CSIC-No.703 Research and Development Institute power plant
CSIC-No.704 Research and Development Institute electromechanical
CSIC-No.705 Research and Development Institute castings
CSIC-No.706 Research and Development Institute archives
CSIC-No.707 Research and Development Institute navigation
CSIC-No.709 Research and Development Institute computing
CSIC-No.710 Research and Development Institute weapons
CSIC-No.711 Research and Development Institute ship power
CSIC-No.712 Research and Development Institute lead-acid batteries
CSIC-No.713 Research and Development Institute automatic control
CSIC-No.714 Research and Development Institute intelligence
CSIC-No.715 Research and Development Institute acoustics
CSIC-No.716 Research and Development Institute C3I
CSIC-No.717 Research and Development Institute optoelectronics
CSIC-No.718 Research and Development Institute gases
CSIC-No.719 Research and Development Institute SUBMARINES
CSIC-No.722 Research and Development Institute communications
CSIC-No.723 Research and Development Institute electronics
CSIC-No.724 Research and Development Institute system engineering
CSIC-No.725 Research and Development Institute materials
CSIC-No.726 Research and Development Institute acoustics
CSIC-No.760 Research and Development Institute sea trial test
Investment Company
CSIC Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd.

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is a large state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council on the basis of some enterprises and institutions affiliated to the former China National Shipbuilding Corporation. It is the state-authorized investment institution and asset management entity. . CSIC is the backbone of China's shipbuilding industry. It has 48 industrial enterprises, 28 research institutes, 15 holding companies and shareholding companies, and is distributed in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide. These include the well-known Chinese and foreign Dalian Shipyard, Dalian Shipbuilding New Plant, Bohai Shipyard, Shanhaiguan Shipyard, Beihai Shipyard, Wuchang Shipyard and China Ship Research Institute, China Ship Trading Company and China International Offshore Oil Engineering Company. CSIC has the largest ship repairing base in China, and can undertake various civil ships, marine engineering and large surface underwater combat ships, various military auxiliary ships and underwater weapons and related supporting equipment, including 300,000 tons of super large ships.

CSIC performas research, design, construction and repair. Hundreds of civil ships, marine engineering and other electromechanical products designed and built by themselves are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Hundreds of non-ship products developed using shipbuilding and military technology have entered more than 20 industries and fields such as aerospace, metallurgy and light industry. The business scope of CSIC includes: all state-owned assets of the group companies and member units; undertaking military product research and production tasks based on ships; operating the design, production and repair of domestic and foreign civil ships, equipment and non-ship products; Forms of economic and technical cooperation, foreign engineering contracting, labor export, overseas material processing, engineering construction, installation, domestic and foreign investment and financing, and other businesses authorized by the state and entrusted by law.

The state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) consists of 96 enterprises located in northern China, and employs over 170,000 persons. Assets include shipbuilding and industrial enterprises in Dalian, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi'ian, Chongqing and Kunming, as well as 28 research institutes and six laboratories developing navel and civil vessels and related equipment.

In the process of the establishing and perfecting of socialist market economy system, China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) carried out fundamental institutional restructuring. Ship building and repair enterprises and related equipment manufacturers formerly owned by CSSC in areas of Dalian, Tianjin, Wuhan, Kunming and Xi'an, together with majority of the institutes under China Ship Research & Development Academy, formed China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), which was founded on 01 July 1999 in Beijing. This was part of the overall State Council initiative of 01 July 1999, under which the Chinese government split the top five Defense and Technology Corporations into ten new enterprises. These corporations are all large State Owned Enterprises (SOE's) under direct supervision of the State Council. These SOE's include the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC).

CSIC is the largest group in China in the field of design, manufacture, and trade of military and civil ships, marine engineering and marine equipment. CSIC is a very large state owned enterprise (SOE) supervised by The State Council, a state authorised institution of investment, to combine investment with the industry, industry with trade, research and production, undertaking scientific & technological research and design on ships, civil vessels, marine equipment, production and sales of civil electro- mechanical products.

Consisting of some of the enterprises and institutes of former China State Shipbuilding Corporation (old CSSC), it has a total 97 member units, 170,000 employees, assets worth of RMB 34 billion, annual turnover of RMB11 billion, 1.1 million DWT shipbuilding output per annum. There are 48 industrial enterprises, 28 scientific & technological research institutes, 15 share holding companies in CSIC, spread in more than 20 provinces and cities in China. Among its subsidiaries, CSIC has the world renowned Dalian Shipyard, Dalian New Shipyard, Bohai Shipyard, Wuchang Shipyard, Shanhaiguan Shipyard, China Ship Research & Development Academy, China Shipbuilding Trading Company Ltd., China National Shipbuilding Equipment & Material Corporation, China Offshore Industrial Corporation, etc.

CSIC possesses the largest shipbuilding and ship repair bases, capable of undertaking research, design, manufacture and repair of various civil vessels up to the capacity of 300,000 DWT, marine engineering, surface and submersible combat vessels, naval supplementary boats, under water weapons and other related equipment. The hundreds of civil vessels, marine engineering projects and other machinery and electronics designed and built by CSIC have been exported to dozens of countries and regions. By utilizing shipbuilding and military technologies, CSIC has developed hundreds of electro-mechanic products which have been used in more than 20 domestic industries and fields such as aerospace, metallurgical, hydroelectricity, light industries, etc. The world renowned Dalian shipyard,Dalian New Shipyard, Bohai Shipyard,Shan Hai Guan Shipard, Wuchang Shipard.Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Works,China Ship Research & Development Academy,China Ship Scientific Research Center,China Shipbuilding Trading Co Ltd,China United Shipbuilding Co Ltd(Hogn Kong),China National Shipbuilding Equipment & Materials Corp and China Offshore Industrial Corp are all members of CSIC.

CSIC is the largest shipbuilding and shiprepair corporation in the country.capable of undertaking newbuilding and shiprepair of various ships including VLCCs, surface and submersible naval vessels and naval supplementary boats up to a capacity of 300 000 dwt class. Ships of this description have been exported worldwide over 50 countries and regions. CSIC also consists of the country`s main force on research and design of military ships. It has 28 scientific research institutes with over 360 major specialities involved.with about 30 000 technicians, six state-level laboratory centers, 150 large-scale laboratories and three state-level technological centers. CSIC is capable of developing and inventing new products with its strong scientific back up. CSIC is also the largest marine equipment manufacturer in the country. It has 38 plants producing marine diesel engines, marine equipment and auxiliary products including ship accessories for borh military and civilian use. Some of these products are either produced under production licenses or technological transfer. By using shipbuilding and military technologies,CSIC has strength in developing and manufacturing large turnkey equipment. It has developed and produced hundreds of nonship products that have been used in more than 20 industies and fields such as aerospace, metallurgy, hydro power, petrochemicals, tobacco, railways, coal, light industries and city construction.The nonship products are also exported worldwide.

The market task of CSIC is to strengthen its market position with core businesses on military products and shipbuilding in which the military products are on priority. It also diverts into other industries while concentrating on technological innovation and cost controlling. The main business scope of CSIC includes: managing the group and its subsidiaries assets; domestic and overseas investing and financing; research and development of military products with more focus on warships; designing, producing and repairing civilian ships, marine equipment for both domestic and overseas markets; various forms of economic and technological cooperation; and overseas turnkey project contracting, labour exporting, construction and installation. CISC is also authorized to carry out other businesses.

CSIC has developed 10 main product sections:shipbuilding,marine engineering.diesel engines,storage batteries. large steel structure fabrications,port machinery, turbochargers, tobacco machinery,gas meters and automation distribution systems. CISC is committed to realism, innovation, quality and reliability. By strategically yestructuring and streamlining the organisation, CSIC will gradually become a large group of enterprises with a solid foundation that will be able to provide first-quality products and services to both domestic and overseas clients.

The main business scope of CSIC includes: management of all the state owned assets of the corporation and its subsidiaries, domestic and overseas investment and financing, undertaking scientific research and production of military products, mainly of warships, design, production and repair of domestic and overseas civil vessels, marine equipment and other non-ship products, various forms of economic and technological co-operation, overseas turnkey project contracting, labour export, projects of production with foreign materials, engineering project contracting, engineering construction, building construction and installation, and other business authorized, required by the government and allowed by the law.

The first large order received by the recently founded China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation put an end to the history of no shipbuilding of VLCC in China. In April 2000 CSIC Dalian New Shipyard (DNS) received an order from National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) to build five 300,000DWT VLCCs. The contract amounts to USD400 million, 1,500,000 DWT, and sets the record in total value and tonnage of a single order in Chinese shipbuilding history.

In April 2000 the State Council of The People's Republic of China and The Large Enterprises Committee of CCP Central Government issued a notification appointing the leadership of CSIC. The State Council appointed Huang Ping Tao as the president of CSIC, and Wang Hui, Yu Shi Chun, Li Chang Yin, Zhang Bi Yi as vice presidents of CSIC. The Large Enterprises Committee of CCP Central Government decided to set up CSIC CCP Leadership Group, and appointed Huang Ping Tao as The Chief Secretary, Wang Hui as the Deputy Chief Secretary, with Yu Shi Chun, Li Chang Yin, Zhang Bi Yi, Hu Ji Zheng and Chen Tian Li as members.

Sun Bo, former general manager and deputy chief of the leading Party members' group of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, was expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and dismissed from office for multiple violations. The CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission said in a statement on 17 December 2018 that they had conducted an investigation into Sun based on the approval of the CPC Central Committee.

Sun was found to have violated the central authorities' political discipline and rules, deviated from the requirements of the CPC Central Committee, conducted fraud and damaged the interests of state-owned enterprise. He "concealed the facts and deceived authorities" during the CPC's inspection, failed to adhere to his ideals and convictions and engaged in superstitious activities for a long time. Sun violated the Party's eight-point frugality code by accepting banquet invitations that might result in unfairness in his fulfillment of duties, according to the statement.

Other offenses included not reporting matters to authorities truthfully and going against the rules to alter his family members' posts and seek profits for his relatives' and friends' businesses, the statement said. His acts of abusing power that resulted in huge losses of national interests, taking advantage of his posts to seek benefits for others and accepting money and property put him on the radar for alleged crimes of abuse of power and bribery.

As a Party member in a position of leadership and executive of a state-owned enterprise, Sun was disloyal to and dishonest with the Party, traded power for money, accepted bribes and showed no sign of restraint even after the 18th CPC National Congress and should be harshly punished, according to the statement.

Hu Wenming, former chairman of China's shipbuilding conglomerate and former chief commander of China's aircraft carrier program, is being investigated for suspected serious violations of discipline and law, China's top anti-graft agency said 13 May 2020. Hu, former Party chief and chairman of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), was being investigated by the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission. Born in 1957, Hu had worked in several major Chinese state-owned arms companies including military aircraft developer and manufacturer Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), armored vehicle and munition developer China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), and China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and eventually CSIC, according to the People's Daily. As the chief commander of China's aircraft carrier program, Hu oversaw the development of China's first domestically developed aircraft carrier and also the country's second one, later known as the Shandong, when it was commissioned into the Chinese Navy in December 2019. On August 30, 2019, Hu, then aged 62, retired from his position as CSIC's Party chief and chairman, the company announced. CISC, now merged with the CSSC, was responsible for the research, design, production, testing and support missions for naval weaponry and equipment including aircraft carriers, conventional and nuclear powered submarines, surface vessels and underwater weapons. Each military project would involve many units, and the group company, namely the CSIC, is only responsible for the overall and comprehensive strategy, for which a collective decision-making mechanism is applied. Although Hu was the chief commander of the Chinese aircraft carrier project, the aircraft carrier is a complicated and high-tech project, and it requires the collective efforts of the whole team instead of one man, so China will continue to push forward its aircraft carrier projects as it has very mature, talented scientists and engineers. China Shipbuilding & offshore International Co., Ltd. (CSOC) is the trade arm of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC). With a registered capital of 367m RMB, CSOC has been established with its shares held by 17 well established companies including China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation-the major shareholder, Dalian shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Etc.

Csoc headquarters in Beijing ,China and set up branch offices in Moscow of Russia, Athens of Greece, Islamabad of Pakistan, Hamburg of Germany and Hong Kong of China and other countries and regions worldwide.

CSOC's main business includes R&D, design, manufacture, repair, lease, sales of ships, marine equipment, offshore engineering and equipment, naval ships and related equipment, import & export of machinery and electrical and electronics, sales in non-ship products; all forms of joint production, compensated trade, technology transfer, economic cooperation; turnkey contracts on global basis in metallurgy, petrochemical, civil construction, power station, urban construction, port, hydropower, bridge projects.


  1. Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company
  2. Dalian Shipyard Group Co., Ltd.
  3. Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  4. Dalian Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
  5. Shenyang Liaohai Equipment Co., Ltd.
  6. Dalian Marine Valve Co., Ltd.
  7. Dalian Marine Propulsion Co., Ltd.
  8. Xi'an Ship Equipment Industry Company
  9. Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  10. Xi'an Dongfeng Instrument Factory
  11. Shanxi Fenxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  12. Shanxi Jianghuai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  13. Shanxi Pingyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
  14. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation hot processing technology Institute
  15. China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Technical Archives
  16. Wuhan Shipbuilding Industry Company
  17. Wuchang Shipyard Group Limited Company
  18. Wuhan Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.
  19. Wuhan Heavy Industry Casting and Forging Co., Ltd.
  20. Yichang Marine Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
  21. Henan Diesel Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
  22. Yichang Jiangxia Marine Machinery Co., Ltd.
  23. China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry South Africa Equipment Co., Ltd.
  24. Hubei Huazhou Heavy Industry Emergency Equipment Co., Ltd.
  25. China shipbuilding Heavy industry Co., Ltd. sound of the sea
  26. Chongqing shipbuilding industry Corporation
  27. Chongqing East Sichuan shipbuilding Heavy industry Co., Ltd.
  28. in Chongqing hydraulic Electric Co., CSIC Division
  29. Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
  30. Chongqing Yuejin Machinery Co., Ltd.
  31. Chongqing Jiang increasing Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  32. Chongqing Hua Yu Electrical Instrument Factory
  33. in Chongqing Wind from Machinery Co., Ltd.
  34. Chongqing Changping Machinery Plant in
  35. Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.
  36. Chongqing Changzheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  37. Chongqing Hengshan Machinery Co., Ltd.
  38. Chongqing Qingping Machinery Plant
  39. Chongqing avant-garde instrument LLC
  40. Chongqing Yangtze River coating equipment LLC
  41. Chongqing sea wind power Equipment Co., Ltd.
  42. Tianjin Shipbuilding Industry Company
  43. Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  44. China Shipbuilding Industry Group Company
  45. Tianjin Ship Repair Technology Research Institute
  46. Kunming Ship Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
  47. China Ship Research Institute
  48. China Ship Research and Design Center
  49. China Ship Science Research Center
  50. Harbin Ship Boiler Turbine Research Institute
  51. Shanghai Institute of Marine Equipment
  52. Tianjin Institute of Naval Instruments
  53. Wuhan Digital Engineering Research Institute
  54. Yichang testing technology Research Institute
  55. Shanghai marine diesel Engine Research Institute
  56. Wuhan Institute of marine electric propulsion device
  57. Zhengzhou Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  58. China shipbuilding information Center
  59. Hangzhou Institute of applied acoustics
  60. Jiangsu automation Research Institute
  61. Huazhong Institute of Optics
  62. Handan Institute purification equipment
  63. Wuhan 2nd ship design Institute
  64. Wuhan Institute of communications ship Research Institute
  65. Yangzhou marine electronic equipment
  66. Nanjing Institute of ship radar
  67. Luoyang ship material Research Institute
  68. Shanghai Institute of ship electronic equipment
  69. Dalian Control Surgery Institute
  70. Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Research Test Center
  71. Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
  72. Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.
  73. Zibo Torch Energy Co., Ltd.

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