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701st Research Institute CSIC
China Ship Research and Design Center

China Ship Research and Design Center is a national defense core scientific research institution engaged in ship research and design. The predecessor Wuhan Ship Design Institute was established June 1961, and is known as the "cradle of warships." The headquarters is located in the prosperous urban area of Wuhan City Center, Hubei Province, with branches in Shanghai. China Ship Research and Design Center is the only core scientific research unit in China that undertakes the overall research and design tasks of water surface and underwater ships. Its nature is a national institution.

The center consists of a variety of professional, multidisciplinary researchers, senior engineers, engineers, etc., including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the national and provincial levels, experts with special government allowances, and others.

Under the center, there are departments such as the General Research Office (Department), the Professional Research Office, the Computing Center, and the Intelligence Research Office. It has established a national key laboratory for electromagnetic compatibility, with a doctorate and master's degree in ship and marine engineering, a master's degree in ship electromagnetic compatibility, and a postdoctoral mobile station for marine and marine engineering and mechanical engineering. It has won more than 340 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research achievements, and has been awarded the title of Best Civilized Unit of Hubei Province for many years. In 2005, it was awarded the title of National Civilized Unit.

China Ship Research and Design Center (formerly Wuhan Ship Design Institute ), mainly responsible for the overall research, design and development of ships, especially the overall system engineering of ships. Since the establishment in 1961, I have made research and development of the ship as my own responsibility, and made indelible contributions to defending the motherland's seas and seas, escorting and protecting fishery, combating smuggling, shipwreck rescue , and visiting abroad.

The China Ship Research and Design Center has achieved remarkable results in the fields of ocean engineering, electromagnetic compatibility, noise control and computer-aided design. It has won more than 280 awards from national and ministerial, provincial and hospital awards. The China Ship Research and Design Center brings together a large number of scientific and technological talents, composed of multidisciplinary and multi-disciplinary researchers, senior engineers, engineers and other professional and technical personnel, including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions from the state, and provincial and ministerial level. Experts, government special allowance recipients and other experts, scholars and technology elites. They all host major research projects in various research labs.

The Ministry of National Defense Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Compatibility and the Noise Vibration Laboratory are built in the Ministry of Education. Since the reform of the science and technology system, the overall status has become more prominent, and the state has invested more in investment. First-class products, first-class facilities, first-class talents, and first-class modern management have become the true portrayal of the company. In 2003, it passed the ISO9001 and the national military standard GJB/Z9001 quality management system certification .

The China Ship Research and Design Center adheres to the principle of producing results and talents, focusing on the research and development of high-tech, and grasping the training of high-level talents. After the approval of the relevant departments of the state in 1986, we recruited and trained master students of "Design and manufacture of ships and marine structures". In 2001, it approved the recruitment of doctoral students of this major. In 2003, it approved the recruitment of masters of "ship electromagnetic compatibility technology".

It has two post-doctoral mobile stations for marine and marine engineering and mechanical engineering , which have a good academic atmosphere. The company has good conditions and strengths for cultivating graduate students: many topics, sufficient research funding, rich library materials, 300,000 books in the library, 602 Chinese periodicals, and 587 foreign periodicals. In 1993, the library realized the computer information retrieval , and built the first professional database of ship design and practicality of the shipbuilding system. In 1994, it realized the networking with the Information Center of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense; the level of instructors is high and the research experience is rich; The advanced scientific research facilities and the holistic support conditions and beautiful environment are good places for postgraduate study.

Since its establishment, it won more than 400 national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements awards including the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The company has strong scientific research and development strength and has formed a professional and complete research and design system. There are about 1,500 employees in the company, and more than 60% of the professional and technical personnel are in the master's degree or above. For the country , more than 400 academicians including the Chinese Academy of Engineering, outstanding national professional and technical personnel, and national outstanding contributions experts have been trained and forged. A research team including senior professional titles. It has 2 post-doctoral mobile stations and sub-stations, 1 doctoral degree and 2 master's degree programs.

The leaders of the Party, the state, and the Central Military Commission have attached great importance to the company. They have visited and inspected and given high praise. Our company has won the "National May 1st Labor Award", two consecutive "National Civilized Units", six consecutive "Best Civilized Units in Hubei Province", "Advanced Collectives of Central Enterprises", and "Advanced Grassroots Party Organizations in Hubei Province".

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