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Luda Naval Facility
Dalian New Shipyard
3855'N 12137'E

Luda, in Liaoning Province, is a city with refineries and shipbuilding installation. Daqing was the first great oil field discovered in China, and construction of the ship named in its honor in 1974 was a major accomplishment for the Luda shipyard. The ship's launching was thus a double celebration and publicized in all media.

Dalian is known under a jumble of names -- Dalny, Dairen, Lushun, and Luda. Lushun is the part further south (formerly Port Arthur, now a naval base), and Lushun and Dalian comprise Luda.

Liaoning which lies in the northeast of China and situates in round-Bohai economic region is an important industrial base. The two major industrial zones obviously characterize the Liaoning industrial layout, which is comparatively concentrated and distinct. It forms the two major industrial zones in central-part cities and coastal areas. In the coastal areas there are machinery, shipbuilding, metallurgical electronics light industry, petrochemical, textile, and pharmaceutical industry. In Dalian there are machinery, petrochemical, building material, shipbuilding, and chemical industry.

Dalian is a major port, with harbor facilities that have been expanded and deepened. A new harbor was completed in 1976 for oil tankers (with a pipeline coming in from Daqing). The city is also an industrial center in its own right, with shipbuilding, petroleum refining, foodprocessing, diesel engineering and chemical, glassware, and textileindustries. These developments have polluted Dalian Bay and affected the fishing enterprises, but efforts are being made to clean it up with waste treatment and oil-reclaiming ships.

Established in 1990, Dalian New Shipyard is the major focus for China's colossal investment in modern newbuilding capacity - 1.25 billion dollars per year - in the nation's aim to become the world's leading shipbuilder. One result of that investment is Dalian's new 80m wide building dock, opened in 1996 and now being used to build five DNV-classed, 300,000dwt VLCCs for Iran.

Dalian New Shipyard is the biggest modern shipbuilding yard under China State Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and an exceptionally large corporation and an export base for shipbuilding granted by the State. Dalian New Shipyard is mainly engaged in shipbuilding and at the same time offers designing,manufacturing,installation and repairing service for ships,offshore projects,marine equipment and parts. It also undertakes steel structure fabrication work and supplies shipping service,hotel service, and offers labor and consultancy services of technique, commerce and quality control. During the past years, the yard has constructed and delivered vessels successfully as follows: 115,000dwt and 118,000dwt shuttle tanker, 60,000 and 150,000dwt oil tankers, 98,000 dwt and 110,000 dwt product/crude tankers, 25,000dwt supply vessel, 150,000 dwt and 35,000 bulk carriers52,000dwt open hatch bulk carriers, 12,000 dwt container carriers.

Situated in Dalian in the former southern Manchuria, Dalian New Shipyard is China State Shipbuilding Corporation's largest, most modern newbuilding yard. Together with that of Dalian (Old) Yard, the city's combined ship production amounts to around 25% of that of China as a whole. It is supported by the Marine Diesel Works, building slow-speed Sulzer and MAN engines under licence; a marine propeller plant; and Dalian Ship Research and Design Institute. Annual production capacity at the New Yard is over 600,000cgt.

Dalian New Shipyard has about 4,300 employees and occupies an area of more than 1.1 million square meters. The yard possesses steel treatment center consisting of shootblasting, shopprimer, numerical control cutting, plasma cutting and other machinery, and block panel production line imported from TTS in Norway and NKK in Japan, as well as other production lines, such as: block assembling, outfitting, painting etc., the yard also owns a 170,000dwt class semi-dock building berth, a 300,000dwt class shipbuilding dry dock and a berth for building offshore drilling platforms and other offshore structures. These docks and berth are equipped with large size, advanced production facilities such as 580ton and 900ton gantry cranes as well as 160ton, 80ton tower cranes etc. The yard is capable of building all types of tankers, bulk carriers under 300,000dwt class and offshore structures.

Dalian  New  Shipyard Dalian  New  Shipyard Dalian  New  Shipyard Dalian  New  Shipyard Dalian  New  Shipyard Dalian  New  Shipyard

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