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719 Research Institute - Wuhan Second Ship Design Institute

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Wuhan Second Ship Design Institute (719), affiliated to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, was established in the 1960s.

The Type 093 (or Type 09-III, NATO title: Shang) is the second generation of the Chinese Navy's nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), replacing the Type 091 (Sen class) SSN. The submarine was built by the 2nd Ship Design Institute (No. 719 Design College) of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and was built by Huludao Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Bohai Shipyard).

It is a multidisciplinary project focusing on the overall research and design of ships and taking into account civil development. A multi-disciplinary large-scale overall research institute. There are more than 700 professional technicians including academicians, chief designers, researchers and senior engineers of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is one of the main scientific and technological forces in Guanggu, Wuhan East Lake Development Zone. The 719 scientific research and design tasks are full, the funds are sufficient, and the scientific research tasks are mostly the research and development projects of the “10th Five-Year” pre-research and technical research.

Chinese Academy of Engineering 2 people, models chief designer, researcher, senior engineers and other professional and technical personnel 700 people, including national experts 13 , the provincial and ministerial level expert 30 over, Wuhan Donghu New Technology Development Zone , Wuhan Optical Valley main One of the scientific and technological forces. The research and design tasks of the institute are full and the funds are sufficient. The scientific research tasks are mostly research and development projects for defense science and technology advance research and defense equipment technology research.

The 719 Institute focuses on the cultivation and development of talents, and trains talents in various channels and in different forms. Existing post-doctoral research station 1 , built a "ship and marine structures, design and manufacture of" doctoral 1 Ge , and Harbin Engineering University to build "Nuclear Science and Engineering" Doctoral 1 Ge, "Ships and marine structures, design and 2 master's programs in manufacturing and nuclear energy science and engineering . There are 6 doctoral tutors and 23 master tutors.

Wuhan Second Ship Design Institute attaches great importance to the development and cultivation of talents, and selects the backbone of scientific research to pursue further studies and pursues master's and doctoral degrees. Each year, the backbone of scientific research and technology is selected for the degree. There are various forms of technical cooperation and cultural exchanges with the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands. It is recommended to go abroad to study abroad for a degree or to study abroad.

The 7th Five- Year School won the title of “ Best Civilized Unit in Hubei Province ” for five consecutive years . In 2005 , it was awarded the title of “ National Civilized Unit” and in 2006 it was awarded the “ National May 1st Labor Award” . Located in the urban area of ??Wuhan, the district is a comprehensive courtyard that integrates work, study and life. The courtyard has a beautiful environment, a strong humanistic atmosphere, and excellent scientific research conditions and office environment. The annual economic income of employees is 4 to 150,000 , which is increasing year by year, not lower than the level of similar research institutes. Seventy-nine is your wise choice to achieve your ideals and ambitions.

719 has been approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and has jointly established a “Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering” professional doctorate authorization point with Harbin Engineering University to recruit doctoral students in the profession. At the same time, with the approval of the state, it recruits master students in the design and manufacture of ships and marine structures.

The 719 is located in the main traffic artery of Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The living environment is beautiful and the scientific research environment is superior. It has been awarded the outstanding advanced civilized unit by Hubei Province for three consecutive years.

The National Development and Reform Commission agreed in 2015 to the project of the National Nuclear Power Science and Technology Innovation Project Ocean Nuclear Power Platform Demonstration Project declared by CSIC. According to industry insiders, the marine nuclear power platform can provide safe and effective energy supply for offshore oil exploration and remote island reefs, as well as high-power ships and desalination.

The relevant person in charge of CSIC Science and Technology Department said in an exclusive interview with China Securities Journal on January 11 that the offshore nuclear power platform is the only way to solve the supply of China's distant sea energy. The establishment of the power platform will lay the foundation for the realization of the “zero” breakthrough of China's marine nuclear power platform; after the project is put into production in batches, it can meet the market demand of hundreds of billions of yuan in Bohai and Nanhai, and the economic benefits are significant; The maturity of the power business also provides the most realistic basis for the “staying in” the sail shares in the future.

Due to the rationality and advancement of the design plan, CSIC has stood out in the declaration of the National Energy Science and Technology Major Demonstration Project for the establishment of the marine nuclear power platform with China National Nuclear Corporation and China Guangdong Nuclear Power. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that the HHP25 military-to-civilian technology that supports CSIC’s declaration is listed as a national major energy science and technology innovation project, and requires CSIC to strengthen cooperation with relevant units to combine current industrialization level with the original ship nuclear power technology. And civil nuclear power technology requirements, optimize design, in accordance with national nuclear power related policy requirements and user needs, improve engineering and technical programs, submit project approval applications as soon as possible, accelerate the construction of HHP25 military-to-civilian demonstration projects, and realize China's marine nuclear power platform as early as possible "breakthrough.

“The platform for marine nuclear power is a nuclear power plant at sea.” Zhu Hanchao, deputy chief engineer of CSIC 719, said, “The development of China’s offshore islands requires a lot of energy, and the marine nuclear power platform is floating, which is very convenient to move. The supply of electricity, heat, fresh water, etc. in the offshore islands can provide a lot of help."

At the exhibition of military and civilian integration development of the national defense science and technology industry last year, CSIC exhibited a model of floating nuclear power plants at sea. Zhu Hanchao introduced that at present, CSIC 719 has completed two technical solutions for the marine nuclear power platform. One is a floating nuclear power plant, that is, the nuclear power plant is arranged on a floating platform; the other is a submersible nuclear power plant, which can meet the performance requirements of the floating nuclear power plant, and can also meet the requirements of the platform to dive to the underwater work under the harsh sea conditions.

“China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry is the first enterprise in China to get the nuclear circuit strip at sea.” Wu Zhong, general manager of CSIC Asset Management Co., Ltd. said, “In accordance with the proposal of CSIC, the creation of military-civilian integration, technology leadership, integration of production and integration The development strategy of the innovative enterprise group, in the future, CSIC 719 will rely on its own superior resources to develop the marine nuclear power platform demonstration project as a breakthrough, and build the strongest marine nuclear power platform in China in 5 years."

“The nuclear power platform at sea is the only way to solve the supply of energy in the distant seas of China.” The relevant person in charge of the Science and Technology Department of China Shipbuilding Industry Group told the China Securities Journal that “in accordance with the promotion schedule of the Group's demonstration projects, the peak of procurement will be formed by the end of 2018. As the final assembly is in China's heavy industry, the power is in the sail shares, which will form a relatively direct pull for China Heavy Industry and Fengfan."

According to reports, Hu Wenming, chairman of China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., in his inspection of the 719 in April 2015, made it clear that the marine nuclear power platform demonstration project should be completed by the end of 2018. To this end, the progress of the military development of the 719 is based on the development schedule of the demonstration project development period of four years and three months. According to this timetable, the demonstration project of the marine nuclear power platform will be completed and commissioned at the end of 2018. In 2019, it will enter the sea trial operation and acceptance handover stage.

When talking about market demand, Wu Zhong told China Securities Journal: "Only in terms of demand for offshore oil drilling, the market size will exceed 100 billion yuan in the future. According to our estimates, Bohai Bay will form a core of 50 billion yuan each year. The output value of power equipment manufacturing. The South China Sea will certainly not be smaller than this scale."

Zhu Hanchao introduced that the investment in the construction of the marine nuclear power platform demonstration project of CSIC is about 3 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, the sales revenue will be about 22.6 billion yuan through the sale of electricity within 40 years of the whole life. In order to meet the energy demand of Bohai Oilfield, the Group will build nearly 20 marine nuclear power platforms in batches. After batch construction, it is estimated that the investment of each marine nuclear power platform will be about 2 billion yuan, which will form an output value of tens of billions of nuclear power equipment manufacturing each year, and at the same time drive the development of related supporting industries.

At present, 719 have obtained the qualifications for the construction of related nuclear power projects. “Once the qualifications of the sea are obtained, the land is universal.” Wu Zhong said, “The future units involved in the nuclear platform supporting construction must obtain relevant nuclear power qualifications.”

"The scale of the market of 100 billion yuan, the follow-up investment is very big, not only the input of the state, but also the participation of social capital." Wu Zhong said, "There is a large part of the fund raised by this sail. It is to invest in the corresponding business of nuclear power."

According to the analysis of experts in the industry, the power of offshore oil and gas exploitation in China is mainly based on the gas generating unit fueled by the associated gas in the oilfield mining process, supplemented by the fuel generating unit. During the mining process, a large amount of oil and gas is consumed, and a large amount of carbon dioxide is released, which is neither economical nor environmentally friendly. With the development of oil fields, the associated gas is gradually reduced, and the problem of offshore oil exploitation energy supply is becoming more and more prominent. It is urgent to require marine nuclear energy to fill the gap.

“The total installed capacity of Bohai Oilfield is 600MW. It is estimated that the total installed capacity of power will increase to 1000MW in 2020. The replacement of the current petrochemical generator set by marine nuclear power platform will require 20 marine nuclear power platforms in the next few years.” Zhu Hanchao pointed out "The South China Sea is rich in oil and gas resources. With the development of the South China Sea oilfield, the related energy demand is also very large. We will develop a marine nuclear power platform that meets the marine environment of the South China Sea on the basis of the marine nuclear power platform demonstration project. Oil and gas development provides energy security."

The marine nuclear power platform is also an ideal way to solve the power, fresh water and heat supply of the offshore islands. "China's seas and seas are vast, and the development of offshore islands requires a lot of energy. At present, the power supply of remote islands mainly depends on diesel generators, with low power, difficult fuel supply, and high maintenance and maintenance costs." Zhu Hanchao introduced.

Zhu Hanchao also said that the key technologies of the marine nuclear power platform can be applied to high-power ship engineering fields such as nuclear power icebreakers, nuclear power research vessels and nuclear power merchant ships in the future. "With the development of China's economy, the increasing volume of shipping and the increasingly stringent requirements of the International Maritime Organization for carbon dioxide emissions from ships, China's demand for large nuclear power vessels will become more urgent."

Zhu Hanchao told China Securities Journal that the Group will follow the demonstration schedule of the demonstration project and complete the technical design and construction design of the demonstration project as soon as possible. “Since January 2016, the Group will continue to order long-term equipment. At the same time, the company is also raising funds for the demonstration project, applying for subsidies and loan subsidies from the national and local governments for demonstration projects.”

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