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704 Research Institute CSIC

The 704 Research Institute (Shanghai Ship Equipment Research Institute) is affiliated to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and its headquarters is located at No. 10 Hengshan Road. The company has nearly 800 employees, more than 40 researchers, 170 senior engineers, more than 10 people enjoying special government allowances, and many provincial and ministerial experts with outstanding contributions. The Institute is mainly engaged in the application research, design development and assembly of special electromechanical equipment and systems for ships. There are 3 military departments, 4 civil engineering (business) departments, and also technical innovation department, standard intelligence research room, special test research room, editing and publishing room, trial production factory and technology industrial company, three production company, etc. It has 2 test bases and 1 trial base; more than 20 professional laboratories and ship environmental engineering and reliability laboratories accredited by China National Laboratory and accredited by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine; The editing and publishing tasks of three national professional journals of Engineering, Standardization Engineer and Electromechanical Equipment; the doctoral and master's training points approved by the Ministry of Education.

With the development of ship scientific research, the research and development field has been continuously expanded. Now it formed five major surface ship special equipment, ship integrated power system, ship special auxiliary mechanical and electrical equipment, ship stealth technology application, special test and environmental condition test research. The professional ship sector includes more than 20 professional categories such as deck machinery, cabin auxiliary equipment, power station motors and thermal equipment. With the transfer of military technology to civilian use, marine technology has been transferred to land, and science and technology have been oriented to the main battlefield of the national economy.

It has vigorously explored the land product market, and have gradually developed textile machinery, industrial production lines, two-way cartridge valve integrated control system, Water conservancy and hydropower engineering electro-hydraulic control system, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering complete sets of equipment, environmental protection engineering, fire protection systems and other civilian complete sets of equipment.

It has a national engineering design certificate, I, II, III pressure vessel design unit approval, environmental pollution prevention engineering design qualification certificate, Shanghai fire engineering construction qualification level permit, quality assurance system certificate, accounting work Certificate of conformity to the unit of compliance. Over the years, the countries I have represented have participated in the activities of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). They are the chairmen of ISO/TC8/SC4 of the International Organization for Standardization and have extensive contacts with domestic and foreign companies. In the past 50 years, the institute has provided thousands of supporting equipment products for more than 150 military and civilian ships, as well as marine engineering, factories and mines.

Hundreds of scientific research achievements have won national and provincial-level scientific and technological achievements awards. From now to the end of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", it targeted the high-end products and system integration in the ship special electromechanical equipment market, give full play to the research and development, assembly and service advantages, seize opportunities, and continuously improve the capabilities. The four institutes have become the first and the world's leading supplier of marine special electromechanical equipment and integrators. Based on the principle of "doing something, doing something wrong", it refined the development of special electromechanical equipment and industrial production equipment for ships characterized by electromechanical integration.

With the ability to build five major shipbuilding sectors, it is focused on the development of superior marine products and environmental protection, textile machinery and other production equipment. Enhance the basic technology of core professional through CAD/CAE, “three new” application and experimental research; track and absorb foreign advanced technology through introduction, cooperation, joint venture, etc.; through “three-oriented” and establish a perfect process and quality monitoring system, Lay the foundation of the superior professional assembly. By the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the research and development methods and technical level of the special core mechanical and electrical equipment (products) of the 8 core ships will reach the domestic leading level and keep up with the international level; form three non-shipping professions with certain economic scale ( Products); the total income of military and civilian products, the amount of profits, and the per capita annual income of employees will increase substantially. As a national civilized unit, the 704 Institute will further cultivate, shape and carry forward the enterprise spirit of “concentricity, innovation, meticulousness and integrity”, adhere to advancing with the times, technological innovation, diversified management and enthusiasm for all walks of life.

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