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Dalian Naval Base
3855'N 12138'E

Dalian City was founded in September 1899, and has grown from a fishing village into a major seaport and center of industry, trade and tourism. Dalian sits on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, facing the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It serves as a bridge between northeastern China and the rest of the world. It was one of the first cities liberated before the founding of the People's Republic. Long known for its maritime transportation, trade, shipbuilding, manufacture of diesel locomotives, and fishing industry, Dalian was one of the first coastal cities opened to the outside world.

Dalian, an important water-rail intermodal transport juncture, is the largest comprehensive commercial port in northeastern China engaged in passenger and multi-cargo transport. Foreign investment in manufacturing facilities is creating a demand for containerised cargo handling facilities which are being progressively built.

Dalian is a sea transport junction forthe northeastern coast. The Harbin-Dalian Railway connects to the main rail lines. The Harbin-Dalian Highway links the port to northeastern China and an expressway exists to Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province.

Port construction is taking place on a massive scale with 80-90 berths planned in Dayao Bay. The first four berths of the first phase of the Dayao Bay project went into operation in 1993 and a further seven berths are under constriction and due for completion in 1997. A project has been proposed which will entail the construction of two berths for the export of corn. The handling capacity is designed at 6.1 million tonnes per year. A further 3 million tonne/year berth is planned for the import of wheat in the Dayaowan district.

Exports include crude oil, oil products, grains, timber and general cargoes. Import are minerals ores, wheat, chemical fertrizers, machinery and equipment. The port has a thriving passenger service, with 8 long and short-distance coastwise shipping lines.

Cargo Handling Facilities

Max Vesssel Size
Cargo Handling Equipment
Container Seafrontage
Bulk Cargo Seafrontage6.9306 ~ 1250,000Yes
Breakbulk Seafrontage2,0367 ~ 9.625,000Yes
Barge/Small Craft Seafrontage----
Oil Terminal Jetties (No.)1,2669 ~ 17.5-100,000
Cargo Working Buoys
7 nos9 ~ 34100,000-
Cargo Working Anchorages----
Port Services
Tugs17, max. output 3,200 hp
Repair FacilitiesDailain Shipyard and Dailian New Shipyard provide ship repair and drydocking facilities
Port Capacity
Cargo Throughput(million tons)7.5 in 1994
(TEUs)305,003 in 1994
Approach Channel
Width4.7 n. miles
Depth at C.D. (metres)13 ~ 42 metres

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