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Dalian Naval Base
38°55'N 121°38'E

Lvshun is a municipal district of Dalian City located in the southernmost of Liaodong Peninsula, some 45 km from the city center of Dalian City, Liaoning Province. As an important military port in China, Lushun is not completely open to foreign tourists, and they are required to obtain special permission from the local Lushun Police Bureau, otherwise it is not permitted to visit there.

Located at a strategic position between the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, Lvshun Port (Port Arthur) is considered as the "gateway to Beijing and Tianjin". Along with Miao Island Archipelago and Dengzhoutou Island, Lvshun Port occupies the throat part of Bohai Sea Strait, which is a natural barrier to China's capital Beijing and Liaoning Province. With Huangjin Moutain in the east and Laohuwei Peninsula in the west, Lvshun Port is surrounded by the mountains. Between Huangjin Moutain and Laohuwei Peninsula there is a long and narrow waterway connecting the outside sea. The depth and the equipment of Lvshun Port are all in good condition which can provide oil and water to the ships. Lvshun Port is a natural ice-freeport and it has always been used as a naval port.

Lushun is a district of Dalian City, which is the pearl of Bohai Sea. Lushun is located at the south-most place of Liaodong Peninsula, about 45 kilometers far from the center of Dalian City. To its east is the Yellow Sea, and to its west is the Bohai Sea; to the south, it mirrors the Shandong Peninsula across the sea, and to the north, it connects to the inland of Northeast China. It is the most convenient maritime gateway of Northeast China to the Pacific Ocean. Lvshun is a famous visiting place in Dalian, which has been ranked as National Key Scenic Spot, National Nature Reserve, National Forest Park, and famous Historical and Cultural City. Lvshun also is an important military port city of North China. There are many scenic spots in this district, such as Naval Port Park, Lushun Snake Museum, Lushun Naval Weaponry Museum, Memorial Tower of Sino-Soviet Friendship and Japan-Russia Prison Site.

Lushun is a cultural zone bearing an unforgettable history. The precious land had always been at the focal point in the battles between great powers. The Sino-Japanese Naval War of 1894, Russo-Japanese War of 1902 and the Second World War were all happened here. There is a saying that "one Lushunkou (Port Arthur), half of modern history". Lvshun has been regarded as "an open-air museum of historical and cultural scenery". Till today, various war relics and colonial buildings have been well preserved in Lushun. Lushunkou has also preserved many intact monuments and buildings in memory of victories against fascist. After the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, the Lushun military port continues carrying its historical duties and protecting the maritime border of China.

The Lushun Naval Weaponry Museum displays some of the indigenously designed and built naval weapons and equipments of China. There are approximately 1000 items of more than 600 categories. The museum is divided into outdoor and indoor exhibitions. The indoor exhibition is divided into six exhibition halls, which are: maritime weapon exhibition hall for showing naval mines, torpedoes, depth charges, and minesweeping equipments; ship-to-ship missile room, periscope room, laser gun shooting room, light/heavy weapon, ammunitions and mines series exhibition hall; ship model, famous guns in the world and historical Chinese naval uniform exhibition hall; it has large display items including the Chinese designed and built torpedo boats, marine tanks, Hongqi ground-to-air missile, Haiying shore-to-ship missile, naval helicopter, fighter, naval radar, coastal artillery, ship gun, and anti-aircraft gun.

Dalian City

Dalian City was founded in September 1899, and has grown from a fishing village into a major seaport and center of industry, trade and tourism. Dalian sits on the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, facing the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It serves as a bridge between northeastern China and the rest of the world. It was one of the first cities liberated before the founding of the People's Republic. Long known for its maritime transportation, trade, shipbuilding, manufacture of diesel locomotives, and fishing industry, Dalian was one of the first coastal cities opened to the outside world.

Dalian, an important water-rail intermodal transport juncture, is the largest comprehensive commercial port in northeastern China engaged in passenger and multi-cargo transport. Foreign investment in manufacturing facilities is creating a demand for containerised cargo handling facilities which are being progressively built.

Dalian is a sea transport junction forthe northeastern coast. The Harbin-Dalian Railway connects to the main rail lines. The Harbin-Dalian Highway links the port to northeastern China and an expressway exists to Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province.

Port construction is taking place on a massive scale with 80-90 berths planned in Dayao Bay. The first four berths of the first phase of the Dayao Bay project went into operation in 1993 and a further seven berths are under constriction and due for completion in 1997. A project has been proposed which will entail the construction of two berths for the export of corn. The handling capacity is designed at 6.1 million tonnes per year. A further 3 million tonne/year berth is planned for the import of wheat in the Dayaowan district.

Exports include crude oil, oil products, grains, timber and general cargoes. Import are minerals ores, wheat, chemical fertrizers, machinery and equipment. The port has a thriving passenger service, with 8 long and short-distance coastwise shipping lines.

Cargo Handling Facilities

Max Vesssel Size
Cargo Handling Equipment
Container Seafrontage
Bulk Cargo Seafrontage6.9306 ~ 1250,000Yes
Breakbulk Seafrontage2,0367 ~ 9.625,000Yes
Barge/Small Craft Seafrontage----
Oil Terminal Jetties (No.)1,2669 ~ 17.5-100,000
Cargo Working Buoys
7 nos9 ~ 34100,000-
Cargo Working Anchorages----
Port Services
Tugs17, max. output 3,200 hp
Repair FacilitiesDailain Shipyard and Dailian New Shipyard provide ship repair and drydocking facilities
Port Capacity
Cargo Throughput(million tons)7.5 in 1994
(TEUs)305,003 in 1994
Approach Channel
Width4.7 n. miles
Depth at C.D. (metres)13 ~ 42 metres

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