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MND Seventh Research Institute

The Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense of the People's Republic of China, also referred to as the Seventh Institute of the Ministry of National Defense, was the first military ship research institute in China.

In January 1959, China's naval forces established the Naval Science and Technology Research Institute, which had six research institutes including 702 base, hydroacoustic and thermal power. However, the naval forces felt that the scientific research institutions and technical forces owned by the Navy were not commensurate with the long-term development of the naval forces. Therefore, the naval forces requested the Central Military Commission to establish a ship research institute.

On December 27, 1960, the Central Military Commission issued a notice to establish three research institutes for aviation, ships, and radio electronics. On April 28, 1961, the 87th office meeting of the Central Military Commission approved the Naval Formation of the Ship Research Institute. The Ship Research Institute was established with the research institutes of the Second Machinery Department and the Navy. No.: The Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense.

On June 7, 1961, the Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense (referred to as the Seventh Institute) was formally established. The institute had nine researches on the overall design of the ship, the hydrodynamic performance and structure of the ship, the ship's power, the ship's special auxiliary machinery, the water weapon, the underwater acoustic electronics, the ship navigation, the military auxiliary ship and the civil ship's overall design, and the ship's materials. And the Nuclear Power Submarine Research Office and the Seventh Office in Shanghai.

The seven departments belonged to the Ministry of National Defense and work under the leadership of the National Defense Science and Technology Commission; the organization and leadership of party and government work and daily work were the responsibility of the Navy. Dean: Liu Huaqing (1961.06-1965.02) Political Commissar: Dai Runsheng (1961.06-1965.02)

The 7th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was developed by the Seventh Department of the Ministry of National Defense. Now it is mainly engaged in ship weapon equipment development strategy research, ship system top technology research, system integration and system engineering management, military-civilian dual-use technology development research, and various research institutes to form a complete ship weapon system research and technology development. Technology System. China’s first guided missile destroyer, the first nuclear-powered submarine and the first 10,000-ton ocean-going freighter “Dongfeng” were designed by the Seventh Institute.

In February 1965, the Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of National Defense ended its historical mission and transferred to the Sixth Ministry of Machinery Industry.

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