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Russian Army Order of Battle

The Russian Defense Ministry planned to create a new tank army in the Western Military District by December 2015 and another, combined army, will in fact be formed anew. "According to a directive of the chief of the General Staff, the 1st Guards Tank Army and 20th Guards Combined Army are to be formed within the western military district by December 1, 2015," a senior source at Russias General Staff said.

The 1st Tank Army will incorporate the Tamanskaya Mechanized Infantry Division and the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, as well as the 27th Sevastopolskaya Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the 6th Tank Brigade. Major-General Alexander Chaiko had been appointed commander of the 1st Tank Army. Before, he was in charge of the 20th Army. The latters new commander is Major-General Sergey Kuzovlyov (previously chief of staff of the 58th Combined Army).

The existing 20th army will in fact be formed anew. A large share of its units - notably the Tamanskaya Mechanized Infantry Division and the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division - would be transferred to the yet-to-be formed tank army. New ones will be formed in their place.

There will be no great difference in the make-up of the 1st and 20th armies. Each will have one reconnaissance and one air missile brigade, as well as a logistics brigade, missile and artillery units a helicopter regiment and other units, including reconnaissance and attack drone units. The tank army will have more tanks and the combined army, mechanized infantry combat vehicles.

The 1st Guards Tank Army, which Russia is establishing, and the newly-formed 20th Combined Arms Army will be the first to receive the newest Armata tanks and Kurganets infantry fighting vehicles. During 2016-2017, work will begin to rearm the 1st Guards Tank Army and the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army with the newest armor. In particular, the operational tanks will be replaced with Armata tanks. These armies will also be the first to receive the Kurganets IFVs.

Three new army divisions will be formed in 2016 to reinforce the Russian military in the western part of the country, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said 12 January 2016. The new units will be formed amid NATOs continuing build-up across Eastern and Central Europe. "I cannot but mention such a critical task which is the formation of three divisions in the western theater. The task is extremely important," TASS reported Shoigu as telling journalists.

Shoigu also added that alongside the creation of the new divisions, the army will have to set up proper infrastructure including barracks, firing ranges and military hardware depots. While details of the new formations are unknown, the ministers announcement came amid a US and NATO military build-up in Central and Eastern Europe against what Washington and its allies call Russian aggression.

A senior source in the General Staff told TASS the 20th general purpose army in the district had to be created from scratch, as most of its original forces had been handed over to the 1st tank army. The 20th army is to be stationed in five regions in the west of Russia. Its headquarters are Voronezh.

The Ministry of Defence announced the re-establishment of the Western military district (ZVO) "celebrated the First Guards Tank Army." Also in 2016, as reported by "NG" a source in the department, will be formed the new armored divisions - the Voronezh and near Chelyabinsk. At the same time held the optimization of military units and infrastructure at military bases stationed abroad.

This is due not only to the economy of the funds allocated for defense, but also a change in the geopolitical situation in the post-Soviet space. Previously, the creation of tank units in the compounds of the Airborne Troops Commander of the Airborne Forces, said Col. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov.

This issue as part of rapid response forces (FBG) was discussed at the board meeting of the military department under the leadership of the Minister of Defence, Army General Sergei Shoigu. On the formation of the Chelyabinsk region Armored Division the commander of the Central Military District (CVO) Colonel-General Vladimir Zarudnitsky commented. He drew attention to the fact that the basis of weapons of this unit will be modern tanks. That is, apparently, developed at Uralvagonzavod war machines on the platform "Armata" will be directly driven around in this division (Chelyabinsk Tank Division will be placed close to the company).

As for the tank connection in the Voronezh region, in 2015 there had already been deployed (in Boguchar) the First Tank Brigade. Now, on this basis, it seems, it was already formed into a division. Veterans' movement advocated for that division was awarded the honorary title of the 10th Guards Ural volunteer tank division, which in 1995 brought from Germany is in Boguchar. In 2009, the division was disbanded. And based on it created the 262 th base of the storage of weapons and military equipment.

What caused the need for the creation of such a mass army tank units and formations, the Defense Ministry has not yet spoken. However, reports of their dislocation leads to the conclusion that, firstly, greater insecurity in the south-western borders of Russia requires further increase the combat power of the troops stationed in the region. Secondly, to reflect the increase in threats of possible military troops heavy armor is necessary not only in the West but also in the Central Asian direction. As is known, the area of responsibility CVO applies directly to Central Asia and Siberia. Thus in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan are functioning Russian military bases, which, together with the allied forces for collective defense cover the southern flank of the CIS and the most turbulent of its components - the border with Afghanistan, where the possible expansion of terrorist groups in the post-Soviet space.

As the "NG" military expert, Lieutenant-General Yuri Netkachev in Russia at the moment formed rapid reaction forces. They must be ready to act anywhere in the country and the near abroad, where Russia has geopolitical and other interests. "But be that as FBG or grown on a given theater of operations possible in the case of a long-term military conflict will need more powerful forces - namely, tank units and formations. Some of them can be flown through the air, and the main unit, of course, will be relocated by rail, - the Netkachev. - And train troops, too, apparently, will be part of the FBG."

It is noteworthy that at the time when the Russian Federation are actively forming new military units and formations, some facilities Defense Ministry posted abroad, in particular in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, will be reduced. The State Duma ratified the package of agreements to waive rent the military department of the military ranges Zhaman Tau, Saryshagan Taisoigan and a total area of 1.6 million hectares. State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin said that it will save the budget of about $ 4 million annually.

Apparently, in order to save the state,the 201st Russian military base (RMB), stationed in Tajikistan will again be reduced to brigade-size in 2016. This was recently said the commander of the CVO. Note that in December 2015, Russia had already withdrawn from Kulyab (Khatlon region) in the republic's capital Dushanbe, the 149th Motorized Rifle Regiment (SMEs). This year, he and the other regiments of the 201st base, will be reduced to a battalion (ie three times). Planned and "optimization of the Russian military base in Kant in Kyrgyzstan.

General Netkachev said it related not only to the economy of the budget, but also to the fact that "with the help of Russia significantly increased the combat capabilities of the armies of the countries, Russia's allies in the CSTO." For example, in a place derived from Kulyab Russian SMEs "where the garrison was deployed in the same regiment Tajik army." The expert was confident that in the case of aggravation of the situation in the Central Asian region to quickly be deployed FBG not only Russia, but also units of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) of the CSTO states, as has happened during large-scale exercises RRF on the Tajik-Afghan border May 2015.

As of April 2015 the 1st Guards Tank Division Army and the 20th Western Military District combined arms armies will be composed of six regiments. Already deployed as part of the 1st Panzer Army compound (Taman Motorized Rifle and Kantemirovskaya Panzer Division), and the two formed for the 20th Army infantry division, received six regimental orgasnization [shestipolkovuyu orgshtatnuyu] structure that existed in the Soviet Army, and was liquidated during the period of Anatoly Serdyukov in office Minister of defense. When the division was reduced to brigades, the main combat units which were battalions.

As it was in Soviet times, each tank division will have three tank regiments, a motorized infantry regiment, a self-propelled artillery regiment and an anti-aircraft missile regiment, and each infantry division woudl have three motorized infantry regiments, a tank regiment, a self-propelled artillery regiment and an anti-aircraft missile regiment. In addition, each division will receive intelligence units, communications, logistics, electronic warfare, radiological, chemical and biological protection, and so on.

Two infantry divisions, which will form the basis of the 20th Army, will be created before the end of 2015 in the Smolensk and Voronezh regions. Their headquarters will be located in Yelnya and Boguchar respectively. The number of personnel of each of these units will be about 10 thousand people.

In January 2016, the head of the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said that the western direction planned to create three new divisions. Later, a source in the headquarters of the Southern Military District, told Tass that the end of the year a Motorized Rifle Division numbering about 10,000 people will be in the Rostov region. The creation of the 1st Tank Army in the Western Military District was officially announced at the beginning of 2016. The commander was appointed Major-General Alexander Chayko. The Army was armed with tanks T-72B3 and T-80 and BMP-3. A source in the General Staff Tass reported earlier that the new association will be the first in Russia to receive the new generation of armored vehicles - tanks on the "Armata" platform and combat vehicles "Kurganets".

TASS reported on 29 July 2015 that the MOD is planning to deploy a new Tank Army in the Western Military District, and a Combined Arms Army will be formed from scratch. "According to a General Staff directive, the 1st Guards Tank Army and the 20th Combined Arms Army will be activated within the Western Military District by 1 December 2015," said the agency's source. The 1st GTA will be commanded by Major General Aleksandr Chayko who earlier led the 20th where his place will be taken by Major General Sergey Kuzovlev (earlier the Chief of Staff of the 58th Combined Arms Army). "The two armies HQs are fully formed, and they are based in Bakovka and Voronezh, respectively," the source added. The 1st GTA will include the 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motorized Rifle Division and the 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division. In addition, the army will include the 27th Sevastopol Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 6th Separate Tank Brigade.

The 20th CAA will be rebuilt from scratch -- the majority of its units will be transferred to the 1st GTA and new units will be formed in their place. "The formation of the 20th CAA is more complicated, as it lost the majority of its units. As of right now, it includes the 9th Tank Brigade from Nizhniy Novgorod. Additional tank and motorized rifle brigades are being formed."

The TASS source said that there won't be a big difference between the two armies. Each will have a reconnaissance and air defense missile brigade, artillery and missile units, a helicopter regiments and other units, including reconnaissance and strike drones. The tank army will have more tanks, while the combined arms army more infantry fighting vehicles and infantry. Both armies will be the first to receive new generation armored vehicles, including Armata tanks and Kurganets IFVs.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said in televised remarks in July 2016 that the military had created four new divisions, nine brigades and 22 regiments since 2013 and deployed them in the Southern Military District, adjacent to southern Ukraine, as well as in Russia's restive North Caucasus region. "In recent years, the military-political situation on the southwestern strategic direction has become more acute," Shoigu said in citing the rationale for Moscow's military buildup in the region. "Mainly, this is due to the growing military presence of NATO in eastern Europe, the situation in Ukraine and the activities of international terrorist groups, including in the North Caucasus." In an interview with the newspaper Vedomosti, Russian military expert Ruslan Pukhov noted that along with reactivating the 1st Guards Tank Army in Russia's Western Military District, near its border with northern Ukraine, Moscow planned to form two other armored groups for deployment near the Ukrainian border.

The number of battalion tactical group (BTG), fully manned with contract servicemen in the Russian Armed Forces will increase from 66 to 125 within the two years, chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov told reporters 14 September 2016. "Significantly increases the combat capability of departments and units on contract. In our districts, including the Southern Military District, established battalion tactical groups, which are fully manned by contract servicemen. Now these BTG 66, will be 96 by the end of 2016, the following year - 115, and in another year - 125 ", Gerasimov said. He recalled that each BTG consists of 700-800 people, and some - of 900. "It's reinforced battalion, which has all the necessary means to strengthen," - said Chief of General Staff. Each brigade and regiment, as a rule, includes two of the battalion group, said Gerasimov.

In the Southern Military District, an Army Corps and two motorized infantry divisions have already started combat training, the commander of the district Colonel-General Aleksandr Dvornikov said 10 February 2017. "At present, formed and began combat training 150th Motorized Rifle Division in the Rostov region, the 42nd motorized rifle division in the Chechen Republic, 22th Army Corps of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, a squadron of attack helicopters Ka-52 in the Krasnodar region and a number of other military formations", he said. [The formation of the 150th had been widely publicized, the 42nd not so much, wile the "22th Army Corps" cannot be identified].

Dvornikov said that the intensity of combat training of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla in 2016 increased 1.5 times compared to 2015. In the course of combat training of the ship's structure has successfully completed more than 800 combat exercises, including the use of high-precision cruise missiles, sea-based "Calibre". Total naval crews of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla exceeded targets by almost a third.

Motorized Control 150th Idritsa-Berlin Order of Kutuzov II Degree Division formed in the Rostov region in December 2016. The unit received not only the number but also the name of honor, as well as combat award for its famous predecessor, whose fighters - Sergeant Mikhail Yegorov and Meliton Kantaria sergeant - first hoisted the Red Flag on the Reichstag in May 1945.

The 42nd Evpatoriskaya Red Banner Guards Motorized Rifle Division YUVO was restored in late 2016 on the basis of three mechanized infantry brigades stationed in the Chechen Republic. The division is armed with self-propelled artillery "MSTA-C" T-72B3 tanks, BTR-82A, and the latest electronic warfare.

Eastern Military District


5th Army

Primorie, Ussuryysk
57th Separate Motorized BrigadeBikin
59th Separate Motorized Brigade Sergeevka
60th Separate Motorized BrigadeSibirtsevo/Lipovtsy
70th Separate Motorized BrigadeUssuryysk
8th Air Defense BrigadeRazdolnoe
80th C3 BrigadeUssuryysk
58th Engineer RegimentRazdolnoe
101st Separate Logistics Brigade??

29th Army

36th Separate Motorized BrigadeBorzya
39th Separate Motorized BrigadeYuzhno-Sakhalinsk
11th Separate Commando BrigadeSosnovyy Bor (Ulan-Ude)
83rd Separate Commando BrigadeUssuryysk (Far East)
14th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeUssuryysk (Far East)
18th Air Defense BrigadeKyahta
140th Air Defense BrigadeDomna/Telemba (Chita)
75th C3 BrigadeChita
165th Artillery Brigade Nikolskoe (Belogorsk)
200th Artillery BrigadeGornyy/Drovyanaya
305th Artillery BrigadeSevernyy (Ussuryysk)
338th MLRS BrigadeNovosysoevka
20th Missile BrigadeSpassk-Dalnyy
103rd Missile BrigadeDrovyanaya
107th Missile BrigadeBirobidzhan, Semistochnyy
16th Separate NBC Defense BrigadeGalkino (Khabarovsk)
101st C3 Brigade Chita
104th C3 BrigadeKnyaze-Volkonskoe
76th Separate Signal BrigadeKomsomolsk
92nd Separate Signal ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)Arseniev (Primorskyy)
50th Communications Brigade
50th Separate Communications Brigade?
106th Separate Communications Brigade Dalnerechinsk
154th Separate Communications Brigade
7th Separate ECM Regiment OSNArtem
17th Separate ECM BrigadeMatveevka
53rd Separate Logistics RegimentChita

18th Machinegun Artillery Division

Goryachie Klyuchi (Sakhalin)
46th Machinegun Artillery RegimentLagunnoe
49th Machinegun Artillery Regiment

35th Army

38th Separate Motorized BrigadeBelogorsk-Ekaterinoslavka
64th Separate Motorized BrigadeKhabarovsk
69th Separate Motorized Sustainment BrigadeBabstovo (JAD)
71st Air Defense BrigadeSrednebelaya (Amur)
54th C3 BrigadeBelogorsk
37th Engineer Regiment Berezovka
103rd Separate Logistics Brigade??
Logistics BrigadeArkhara (Amur)

36th Army

Ulan Ude
5th Separate Tank BrigadeUlan Ude
37th Separate Motorized Brigade Kyakhta
75th C3 BrigadeBorzya
27th Engineer RegimentYasnaya

Western Military District

St. Petersburg

Central Command

449th Separate Fireworks DivisionVatutinko
27th Separate Motorized BrigadeVidnoe-4
2nd Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadePromezhits
16th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeTambov
49th Air Defense BrigadeElnya
53rd Air Defense BrigadeKursk
202nd Air Defense Brigade Naro-Fomisnk
112nd Missile BrigadeShuya
79th MLRS BrigadeTver
7th Separate Engineer RegimentBelev (Tula)
145th Engineer Regiment ?
27th NBC Defense BrigadeKursk
39th Separate Signal ELINT Brigade OsNOrenburg
82nd Separate ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)Vyazma
146th Separate ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)St Petersburg
146th Separate ELINT Brigade OsNBugry
16th Separate ECM BrigadeKursk
1st C3 BrigadeSertolovo
119th Logistics Brigade Orlovskie Dvoriki

6th Army

25th Separate Motorized BrigadeVladimirskyy Lager
138th Separate Motorized BrigadeKamenka (Vyborg)
26th Missile BrigadeLuga
9th Artillery BrigadeLuga
5th Air Defense BrigadeNyunemyaki
132nd Separate Communications BrigadeAgalatovo
140th Separate Engineer RegimentKerro (Karelia)
95th C3 BrigadeChernaya Rechka
51st Separate Logistics BrigadeSt Petersburg

20th Army

4th Separate Guard Tank Brigade KantemirovNaro-Fominsk
5th Separate Guard Motorized Rifle Brigade TamanskayaKalininets
new Motorized Rifle Division [2016]Smolensk
new Motorized Rifle Division [2016]Voronezh
6th Separate Tank BrigadeDzerzhinsk
9th Separate Motorized BrigadeN Novgorod/Sormovo
448th Missile BrigadeDurnevo/Kursk
288th Artillery Brigade Mulino
250th Separate ELINT Regiment (OSNAZ)Ostrogozhsk
9th C3 BrigadeMulino

Central Military District


2nd Army

119th Missile BrigadeElanskyy
297th Air Defense BrigadeAlkino (Ufa)
91st C3 BrigadeRoschinskyy
153rd Communications Brigade Verkhnyaya Pyshma
105th Separate Logistics BrigadeRoschinskyy

41st Army

201st Military Base [Motorized Brigade]Dushanbe, Tajikistan
7th Separate Tank BrigadeChebarkul
15th Separate Motorized BrigadeRoschinskyy (Samara)
21st Separate Motorized BrigadeTotskoe
23rd Separate Motorized BrigadeSamara
28th Separate Motorized BrigadeEkaterinburg
32nd Separate Motorized BrigadeNovosibirsk
35th Separate Motorized BrigadeAleisk
55th Separate Motorized Brigade (Mountain)Kyzyl, Tuva
74th Separate Motorized BrigadeYurga (Kemerovo)
3rd Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeTolyatti
24th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeNovosibirsk
28th Air Defense BrigadeChebarkul
61st Air Defense BrigadeYurga
92nd Missile BrigadeTotskoe
120th Artillery Brigade Yurga
385th Artillery BrigadeTotskoe
29th NBC Defense BrigadeEkaterinburg
35th C3 BrigadeKochenevo (Novosibirsk)
59th C3 BrigadeEkatirenburg

Southern Military District


58th Army

42nd Motorized Rifle Division Chechnya
4th Military Base [693rd Separate Motorized Brigade]Dzhava-Tskhinval (South Ossetia)
17th Separate Motorized BrigadeShali
18th Separate Motorized BrigadeKhankala
19th Separate Motorized BrigadeSputnik (Vladikavkaz)
136th Separate Motorized Brigade Buinaksk (Dagestan)
205th Separate Motorized BrigadeBudennovsk
100th Separate Recce BrigadeMozdok
67th Air Defense BrigadeVolgograd
34th C3 BrigadeVladikavkaz

49th Army

150th Motorized Rifle DivisionRostov
8th Separate Motorized Brigade (Mountain) Borzoi
20th Separate Motorized BrigadeVolgograd
34th Separate Motorized Brigade (Mountain) Storozhevaya-2
33rd Detached Recce Brigade (Mountain) Maikop
56th Separate Commando lite BrigadeKamyshin
10th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeMolkino (Krasnodar)
22nd Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeAksai (Rostov)
66th C3 BrigadeStavropol
1st Missile BrigadeKrasnodar
439th MLRS BrigadeZnamensk
291st Artillery BrigadeTroitskaya
21st NBC Defense BrigadeKamishin
175th C3 BrigadeAksai
176th Communications Brigade Novocherkassk
154th Separate ECM Brigade OSN Izobilny
Separate Logistics BrigadeStavropol

102nd Military Base

[ex- 127 Motorized Division]
Gyumri, Armenia
76th Separate Motorized BrigadeGyumri, Armenia
73rd Separate Motorized BrigadeErevan (Armenia)
988th Air Defense RegimentGyumri (Armenia)

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