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29th Combined Arms Army (Chita)

36th Separate Motorized BrigadeBorzya
39th Separate Motorized BrigadeYuzhno-Sakhalinsk
11th Separate Commando BrigadeSosnovyy Bor (Ulan-Ude)
83rd Separate Commando BrigadeUssuryysk (Far East)
14th Separate SPETSNAZ BrigadeUssuryysk (Far East)
18th Air Defense BrigadeKyahta
140th Air Defense BrigadeDomna/Telemba (Chita)
75th C3 BrigadeChita
165th Artillery Brigade Nikolskoe (Belogorsk)
200th Artillery BrigadeGornyy/Drovyanaya
305th Artillery BrigadeSevernyy (Ussuryysk)
338th MLRS BrigadeNovosysoevka
20th Missile BrigadeSpassk-Dalnyy
103rd Missile BrigadeDrovyanaya
107th Missile BrigadeBirobidzhan, Semistochnyy
16th Separate NBC Defense BrigadeGalkino (Khabarovsk)
101st C3 Brigade Chita
104th C3 BrigadeKnyaze-Volkonskoe
76th Separate Signal BrigadeKomsomolsk
92nd Separate Signal ELINT Brigade (OSNAZ)Arseniev (Primorskyy)
50th Communications Brigade
50th Separate Communications Brigade?
106th Separate Communications Brigade Dalnerechinsk
154th Separate Communications Brigade
7th Separate ECM Regiment OSNArtem
17th Separate ECM BrigadeMatveevka
53rd Separate Logistics RegimentChita

18th Machinegun Artillery Division

Goryachie Klyuchi (Sakhalin)
46th Machinegun Artillery RegimentLagunnoe
49th Machinegun Artillery Regiment

36th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Lozovskaya Red Banner Brigade, military unit 06705 (Trans-Baikal Territory, Borzya): command, 1st Motorized Rifle Battalion, 2nd Motorized Rifle Battalion, 3rd Motorized Rifle Battalion, infantry company (snipers), tank battalion, 1st howitzer self-propelled artillery battalion, 2nd howitzer self-propelled artillery battalion, jet artillery battalion, anti-tank artillery battalion, anti-aircraft missile battalion, anti-aircraft missile and artillery battalion, reconnaissance battalion, company Aircraft, engineering and combat engineer battalion, RKhBZ company, control (communications) battalion, EW company, control and artillery reconnaissance battery (artillery chief), control and radar reconnaissance platoon (air defense chief), control platoon (head of the intelligence department), repair and restoration battalion, material support battalion, commandant company, medical company, instructor platoon, simulator platoon, training ground, orchestra. In service: 40 units. T-72B, 1 unit T-72BK, 120 units. BMP-2, 15 units MT-LB, 18 units. BM-21 Grad, 36 units 122mm cr 2C3 "Acacia", 18 units 120 mm mortars 2?12 "Sled",6 units 100 mm MT-12 Rapira guns, 12 units self-propelled gun 9K113 "Sturm-S", 36 units BTR-80, 4 units. BRDM-2, 9K37 Buk-M1 air defense system (1 unit KP 9S470M1, 1 unit SOC 9S18M1 Kupol-M1, 6 units SOU 9A310M1, 3 units TZM 9A39), 6 units BM 9A34 (35) "Arrow-10", 6 units ZSU 2S6M "Tunguska".

200th artillery brigade, military unit 48271 (Trans-Baikal Territory, Gorny settlement): command, howitzer artillery battalion, jet artillery battalion, anti-tank battalion, control battery, reconnaissance artillery battalion, material support company, technical support company, engineering sapper platoon, platoon RCBZ. In service: 8 units. 9P140 "Hurricane", 18 units. 152 mm 2A65 Msta-B, 6 units 100 mm MT-12, 18 units 9P149 "Sturm-S", 3 units PRP-4M, 2 units. AZK-7.

140th anti-aircraft missile missile Borisov Order of Kutuzov brigade at 9K37 Buk-M1 air defense system, military unit 32390 (Trans-Baikal Territory, Chita district, Domna village): control, three anti-aircraft missile battalions with their own 9?470M1 CP, detection station and target designation 9C18M1 Kupol-M1, a communications platoon and three anti-aircraft missile batteries with two 9A310M1 self-propelled firing systems and one 9A39 launcher-loading installation in each, as well as technical support and maintenance units.

19th Regiment of the Russian Chechen Republic of Bashkir Military Chemistry Base, military unit 56313 (Transbaikalia, Gorny): management, 1st RKhBZ battalion (RKhBZ company, special processing company), 2nd RKhBZ battalion (RKhBZ company, special processing company), flamethrower battalion (1st and 2nd flamethrower companies, heavy flamethrower company on TOS- 1A "Solntsepyok"), aerosol countermeasures battalion, company RHB reconnaissance, communications platoon, material support platoon, technical platoon, first-aid post. In service: 3 units. TOS-1A "Solntsepek", RPO-A "Bumblebee", RPO PDM-A "Prize", radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicles RXM-4-01, chemical reconnaissance vehicles RHM-6, heat treatment machines for weapons and military equipment TMS-65U , machines for special processing of weapons and special equipment ARS-14KM machines for setting smoke curtains TDA-2K.

225th base for storage and repair of weapons and equipment (Yasnaya): 36 units. 152 mm 2C3 Acacia, 18 units 120 mm 2C12 Sled, 18 units BM-21 Grad, 6 units 100 mm MT-12 Rapier, 18 units 9K113 "Sturm-S", 6 units BM 9A34 (35) "Arrow-10", 6 units ZSU-23-4 "Shilka".

104th Separate Logistics Support Team (MTO), military unit 11387 (Chita, Trans-Baikal Territory).

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