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Russia / Soviet Agencies

Russian Federation

Soviet Union

Security Council

Defense Council

Supreme High Command

Supreme High Command

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of Defense

Council of Ministers Council of Ministers
Military-Industrial Commission
Ministry of Defense Industry
Military Industrial Commission
Ministry of Defense Industry
Ministry of Industry and Energy
Ministry of Heavy Machine Building (Mintyazhmash / MTM)
   Ministry of Atomic Energy Ministry of Medium Machine Building (Minsredmash / MSM)
   Russian Space Agency Ministry of General Machine Building (Minobschmash / MOM)
   Russian Aviation Agency Ministry of Aviation Industry (Minaviaprom / MAP)
   Russian Ammunition Agency Ministry of Chemical Industry (Minkhimprom / MHP)
Ministry of Agricultural Machine Building
   Russian Conventional Weapons Agency Ministry of Defense Industry (Minoboronprom / MOP)
   Russian Shipbuilding Agency Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry (Minsudprom / MSP)
   Russian Control Systems Agency Ministry of Radio Industry (Minradioprom / MRP)
Ministry of Electronic Industry (Minelektronprom / MEP)
Ministry of Transport
   Federal Agency for Rail Transportation Ministry of Railways

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