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5th Combined Arms Army - History

For the first time, the 5th Combined Arms Army was formed by order of the People's Commissar for Military Affairs from 08/11/1918, No. 15. In June 1924 it was disbanded.

Once again, the 5th Army was formed in 1939 in the Kiev Special Military District. With the outbreak of World War II, it was part of the Southwestern Front, but, after suffering heavy losses, in September 1941 the management of the association was disbanded, and its formations and military units were transferred to other front associations.

In October 1941, the 5th Army was re-created on the basis of the military units of the Mozhaisk fortified area and the 32nd Infantry Division, which arrived in Moscow from the Primorsky Territory. The first commander of the army was Major General D. D. Lelyushenko.

During World War II and the war with militaristic Japan, the 5th army participated in the 21st operation, including the battle of Moscow (October-April 1941-1942), the Smolensk offensive (August-October 1943), and the Belorussian the offensive operation (June-August 1944), the East Prussian offensive operation (January-April 1945), the Manchurian strategic offensive operation (August 1945).

During the period of battles in East Prussia alone, the 5th Army defeated up to 10 enemy divisions. For the assault and capture of Keninsberg, the formations of the 72nd Rifle Corps of the Army received the honorary name "Insterburgskie". The fighting of the army in East Prussia is rightfully considered an outstanding example of Soviet military art, and is one of the glorious pages of the history of the Great Patriotic War.

During the years of World War II, the army was commanded by generals, who later became outstanding military leaders: D.D. Lelyushenko, I.M. Fedyuninsky, V.S. Polenov, future marshals of the Soviet Union L.A. Govorov and N.I. Krylov.

For the exploits accomplished during the Great Patriotic War and the war with Japan, 117 officers, sergeants and army soldiers were awarded the high rank of Hero of the Soviet Union, 50 became full holders of the Order of Glory, more than 20 thousand were awarded orders and medals. All military units and formations of the army became order-bearing, and two formations became guards. For the victories won by the soldiers of the association, the capital of the country, Moscow, saluted 15 times.

By a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of February 22, 1968, the 5th Army was awarded the Order of the Red Banner for heroism and courage during the Great Patriotic War and success in combat training in peacetime.

In April 1969, one of the units of the 5th Army participated in suppressing provocations on the Soviet-Chinese border in the area of Damansky Island. For the shown courage, heroism and courage in protecting the borders of the country from the Chinese adventurers, 219 soldiers were awarded orders and medals, and to the younger sergeant V.V. Orekhov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union (posthumously).

Four people are forever listed in the lists of military units of the army: the heroes of the Soviet Union, junior sergeant Kalinin Ivan Nikolaevich, junior sergeant Orekhov Vladimir Viktorovich, guards Private Chipishchev Vasily Ivanovich, guards sergeant Dikopoltsev Evgeni Aleksandrovich.

October 5, 1941 is considered the day of the formation of the 5th Red Banner Combined Arms Army. On the same day - October 11 - the annual celebration of the association is celebrated.

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