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Russian Army Order of Battle

This data was gathered from "The Russian Ground Forces Today: A Structural Status Examination," by Colin Robinson, in the Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 2005.

18th Motor Rifle DivisionGusev
7th Separate Motor Rifle BrigadeKaliningrad
138th Guards Rifle BrigadeKamenka
200th Guards Rifle BrigadePechenga
2nd Spetsnaz BrigadePskov
2nd Guards Motor Rifle DivisionAlabinoTaman
27th Motor Rifle BrigadeMosrengten
8th Motor Rifle Brigade
34th Artillery DivisionMulino
16th Spetsnaz BrigadeTeplyi Stan
20th Army Voronezh
4th Guards Tank DivisionNaro-FominskKantemirov
10th Guards Tank DivisionBogucharUral-Lvov
22th Army
3rd Motor Rifle DivisionNovyy
Weapons and Equipment Storage SiteTver
North Caucasus
19th Motor Rifle Division
42nd Motor Rifle Division
131st Motor Rifle BrigadeMaykop
22nd Spetsnaz BrigadeAksai
10th Spetsnaz BrigadeMolkino
58th Army
20th Motor Rifle Division
205th Motor Rifle BrigadeBudenovsk
136th Separate Motor Rifle BrigadeBuyinaksk
135th Separate Motor Rifle Regiment
12th Military BaseBatumi
62nd Military BaseAkhalkalaki
102nd Military Base
GRVZ (Group of Russian Forces in the Transcaucasus)
127th Motor Rifle Division
2nd Army
15th Guards Tank Division
201st Motor Rifle DivisionDushnabe
34th Motor Rifle DivisionYekarterinburg
27th Division
12th Spetsnaz BrigadeAsbet-5
3rd Spetsnaz BrigadeChernorch'ye
2nd Guards Tank DivisionStrugi MirnayaTatsinskaya
24th Spetsnaz BrigadeKyakhta
67th Spetsnaz BrigadeBerdsk
212th District Training CenterPeschanka
29th ArmyUlan Ude
5th Guards Tank DivisionKyakhtaDon
12th Artillery DivisionShelekhov
36th ArmyBorzya
131st Motor Rifle DivisionSretensk
168th Motor Rifle BrigadeBorzya
41st ArmyNovosibirsk
85th Motor Rifle DivisionNovosibirsk
122nd Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionAleysk
74th Motor Rifle BrigadeYurga
Far Eastern
392nd District Training CenterVolochaeyevka
Artillery DivisionKhabarovsk
14th Spetsnaz BrigadeUssuriysk
5th ArmyUssuriysk
81st Guards Motor Rifle DivisionBikin
121st Motor Rifle DivisionSibirtsevo
29th Motor Rifle DivisionKamen-Rybolov
17th Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionBarabash
127th Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionSergeevka
35th ArmyBelogorsk
21st Guards Tank DivisionBelogorsk
       Guards Tank Regiment
       Guards Tank Regiment
       143rd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment
       Motor Rifle Regiment
270th Motor Rifle DivisionKrasnaya Rechka
130th Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionKoltsevoe
Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionBlagoveschensk
Motor Rifle BrigadeBirobidzhan
Motor Rifle BrigadeKhabarovsk
68th ArmySakhalin Island
33rd Motor Rifle DivisionKhomutovo
79th Motor Rifle DivisionLeonidovo
18th Machine Gun-Artillery DivisionIturup
Airborne Troops
Leningrad76th Guards Air Assault DivisionPskov
Moscow106th Guards Airborne DivisionRyazan
Moscow98th Airborne DivisionIvanovo
Trans-Caucasus104th Guards Airborne DivisionUlyanovsk
Siberian11th Air Assault BrigadeSosnov'y Bor
Far Eastern83rd Separate Airborne BrigadeUssuriysk

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