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Navy Service Craft

AFDBAuxiliary Floating Drydock, Large
AFDLAuxiliary Floating Drydock, Small
AFDMAuxiliary Floating Drydock, Medium
APL Barracks Craft
APL(L)61 Berthing Barge
ARDAuxiliary Repair Drydock
ARDM Auxiliary Repair Drydock, Medium
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous
SWOB Ship Waste Off-Loading Barge
YC Open Lighter
YCFCar Float
YCV Open Lighter
YD Floating Crane
YDT Diving Training Boat
YF Freight Lighter
YFB Ferry Boat
YFDYard Floating Drydock
YFN Steel Covered Lighter
YFNB Steel Covered Lighter
YFNDDrydock Companion Craft
YFNX Special Purpose Barge
YFP Power Barge
YFRTCovered Lighter (range-tender)
YFU Harbor Utility Craft
YGN Dump Scow
YLC Salvage Lift Barge
YNG Gate Vessel
YOGGasoline Barge
YOGN Liquid Cargo Barge
YON Liquid Cargo Barge
YOS Oil Storage Barge
YP Patrol Craft
YPDFloating Pile Driver
YR Repair Barge
YRB Repair and Berthing Barge
YRBM Berthing Barge
YRDH Hull Workshop
YRDM Hull Machinery Workshop
YRR Radiological Repair Barge
YRSTSalvage Craft Tender
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick
YSR Sludge Removal Barge
YTB Harbor Tug
YTL Harbor Tug
YTMMedium Harbor Tug
YTTTorpedo Trials Craft
YWN Liquid Cargo Barge

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