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YF - Freight Lighter

The YF is a 132 foot by 30 foot Freight Lighter, diesel driven, twin screw, designed to handle freight in harbors and coastal waters. It contains two cargo spaces, one in the hold and one on the main deck for 300 ton cargo capacity. Craft is equipped with complete living facilities including accommodations for 10 personnel.


Length Overall


Length between perpendiculars


Breadth, extreme, molded


Depth, molded at side to main deck amidships

12'-3 11/16"

Liquid capacities


Diesel oil

33.5 Tons

Portable water

10.0 Tons




600 (total)


Anchor, 1200 lbs

Capstan windlass

Fire and bilge pump

Bilge and flushing pump

Lifeboat, 18 ft.

Two propulsion engines


Hull - Steel

Principal Compartments - Pilothouse, engine room, stateroom, crew's quarters, galley/mess, crews' WR/WC, two cargo spaces.

Towing Bitt - one 12" bitt


Berth - stateroom, one berth

Crews quarters - 9 pipe berths

Galley/Mess - electric range, 8 cubic feet electric refrigerator, one mess table

Sanitary - captain's washroom, one water closet, one lavatory, crews' washroom, one water closet, one shower, one urinal, one lavatory


Fire - motor driven fire and bilge pump, 300 GPM at 90 PSI serves four 1 1/2" fire plugs (two forward and two aft on main deck) and hose valve in engine room.

Fixed C02 fire extinguishing system in engine room. Sprinkling system provided for cargo spaces (hold and main deck) with water supplied from water main.

Portable, 15 pound C02 fire extinguishers provided as follows:

crews space (1)

galley (1)

engine room (4)

pilothouse (1)

cargo space (4)

Life Saving - one metal lifeboat, 18 feet (14 person capacity) handled by davits.

Anchor - one anchor, 1200 pounds, six anchor chains, 15 fathom shots, 1" dielock.

Vertical capstan windlass with capstan capable of developing a pull of 5000 pounds at rope speed of FPM; handles 8" circumference rope.

Drainage - Bilge suction provided to sumps of peak tanks, chain lockers, spaces, engine room with drainage by fire and bilge pump or and flushing pump 30 gpm at 25 psi cross connected.


Propulsion - two propellers, one right hand, one left hand. Each driven by one direct reversible diesel engine, air start, (one clockwise rotation, one counter-clockwise rotation) with direct connection to propeller shaft; each 300 BHP (total 600 BHP).

Steering - Electro-mechanical type (71/2 HP motor) with means for manual steering at steering station in pilothouse in event of failure of electric power.

Emergency steering by means of tiller.

Operation and Control - Engine room control for starting, stopping, reversing and varying the speed of diesel engines. Mechanical engine telegraph system.

Helm angle Indicator at steering station.


Fresh Water - pressure set with motor driven fresh water pumps 10 gpm at 35 psi; 42 gallon pressure tank. Hot water provided by hot water storage tank in galley heated by steam from boiler through steam coils. Electric heating (3 kw) also provided for heating hot water tank when boiler is not operating.

Diesel Oil - motor driven fuel oil pump 15 gpm at 20 psi takes suction from fuel oil storage tanks and discharges to fuel oil service tanks for main engines, diesel generators, boiler.

Lube Oil - two lube oil storage tanks, 250 gallons each. Lube oil transfer pump, water driven 10 gpm at 25 PSI transfer oil from storage tank to diesel engine sumps. One used lube oil tank equal to 1- 1/2 times the capacity of one main engine sump tank.

Heating - oil fired, hot water heating boiler with water pressure of 29 psi provides hot water convection heating to captain's stateroom, crews' quarters, Pilothouse, galley, CPO quarters, engine room.

Ventilation - Mechanical exhaust in crews' galley and crews' washroom. Mechanical supply in crews' quarters,

Natural supply in engine room.

Compressed Air - one air compressor, 2 stage, air cooled 25 cubic feet per minute at 300 psi. One receiver at 300 psi for more engine starting; air receiver of 5 cubic feet for 100 psi ships service air (sea chest air receiver 50 psi); air receiver 5 cubic feet of 100 psi for whistle air storage.


Generator - one 60 kw, 120 volt DC, 2 wire diesel; one 30 kw, 1Volt DC, 2 wire diesel, both battery start.

Shore Power - shore terminal box sized for 200 amps.

Battery - for starting auxiliary diesel generators; charged in place by charging generator driven by generator engine.


Interior Communication - voice tube between pilothouse and engine room.


Shop - Workbench in engine room with vise and bench grinder. Locker for portable tools.

Weight /cargo handling - Steel boom capable of hoisting working load of 11,200 pounds with an outreach of 30 feet from centerline of vessel and capable of plumbing the forward cargo hatch. Hoisting and topping by deck winch with rotation of boom by means of block winch gypsies. Winch has 2 drums and 2 gypsy heads. Drum capable of hoisting and lowering at rope speed of 50 per minute.

Portable overhead trolley tracks and hoists provided an upper and lower cargo space for handling cargo ammunition. Track capable of being mounted either side of track.

Two l 1/2 ton and one 3 ton trolley chain hoists provided.

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