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YSR - Sludge Removal Barge

YSR is a non-self-propelled sludge removal barge 110 foot long by 34 foot beam, designed for use in cleaning fuel oil or other tanks or compartments of any type of vessel of oil, sludge, water and miscellaneous foreign matter. It may operate in combination with an oil storage type barge (YOS) or independently.

The sludge removal system utilizes hot salt water discharged through a hose and nozzle from the wash down pump for tank cleaning, and is supplemented by a steam hose for preliminary steaming out and use in conjunction with scrapers or brushes to loosen heavy viscous deposits. Oil, water sludge, etc., is then picked from the ship's tanks and deposited into one of four vacuum tanks by a vacuum process utilizing the vacuum pump and associated hose and nozzle. The foreign material is then discharged by compressed air into the sludge settling tanks within the barge or to a separate oil stowage barge such as a YOS. In the event the sludge settling tanks are used, a sludge pump is provided for use in discharging the sludge from the sludge settling tanks overboard at a suitable dumping site.

The barge is capable of being towed on an ocean voyage for delivery to an overseas base.

No galley or berths are provided. Normal working complement consist of ten personnel (eight tank cleaners, one fireman, one engineer).









11¢ -3²

Draft, full load

8¢ -2²

Displacement, full load

725 tons


Diesel oil

91 tons

Fresh water

67 tons

Sludge tanks

265 tons



Detail specification for Building Sludge Removal Barges YSR 31-33 and 38-40 dated 2 Jan 1945.

Detail specifications for Machinery for Sludge Removal Barges YSR 31-33 and 38-40 dated 15 Dec 1944.


Two steam boilers

One air compressor, steam driven

Two diesel generators

Two vacuum pumps, steam driven

One wash-down pump, steam driven

One sludge pump



Two auxiliary boilers rated at 5000 lbs. per hour at 125 psi provides steam as follows:

1. 125 psi steam for sludge settling, vacuum and fuel oil tanks

2. 125 psi steam for heating salt water used in washing down ship tanks

3. 35 psi steam for space heating

4. 35 psi steam for heating domestic water (via steam coils in hot water tank). Connections for shore steam are provided.

Air System

One steam driven (100-125 PSI) air compressor, single stage, double acting, reciprocating, approx. 11" x 15" x 12" with 50 psi discharge pressure discharges to two air receivers.

Connections for shore air provided.

Fluid Systems

Sea water

100 gal. sea water gravity tank serves water closet.

Fresh water

300 gal. tank - serves lavatory, showers. Hot water supplied from a 40 gallon heating tank heated from steam coils. 625 gallon tank serves boiler feed water and diesel engine cooling water.

Fuel oil

950 gallon tank for operating boiler.

Diesel oil

15 gallon tank for operating diesel generators.



1 mess table with bench

1 coffee urn

Sanitary space

3 lavatories

1 shower

1 water closet

Miscellaneous - Drinking water provided from two portable 6 gallon tanks


Anchor Systems

Each system contains (one fwd, one aft)

One 300 pound LWT anchor

One portable anchor davit

One hand operated windlass with wildcat gypsy

One 3/4" anchor chain


Two portable 15 pound.CO2 bottles stowed in hold. Fire main consists a four 1-1/2" fire plugs, two fwd and two aft on main deck, each plug equipped with 50 foot length of 1-1/2" hose, with accessories.

Two 50 pound C02 cylinders with hose reel and 25 foot hose serves machinery space.

Drainage - Chain locker and void spaces not drained by main drainage system shall be drained by one of two portable handi-billy pumps


Vacuum pumps

two steam driven vacuum pumps

Wash down pump

one steam driven wash down pump, duplex 7-1/2" x 6" 10"

Sludge pump

steam driven, reciprocating, vertical simplex, double acting type, size 10" x 6' x 10" designed to handle a mixture of sea water, oil, dirt and sediment (maximum specific gravity of 1.06)

Fuel oil transfer pump


Generator - Two ships service generator 30kw, 120 Volt DC, 2 wire, battery start, parallel operation capable.

Switchboard - One generator and distribution switchboard containing

(1) power and lighting panel and

(2) generator panel and battery charging circuits.

Shore Power - Shore connection terminal box, with cable to switchboard adequate for 200 amps.


Shop - One workbench with vise, and bench grinder.


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