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APL (L) 61 CLASS -Berthing Barge

The APL (L) 61 Class is a non-self-propelled Duty Crew, Messing and Berthing barge. The Barge was built by the Halter Marine Group Inc., Gulf Coast Fabrication Inc., Bay St. Louis, MS. The barge provides berthing for 600 personnel (duty crew) and messing for 3020 personnel (full crew) during a ship repair or overhaul period. The barge is shore dependent for all utilities. The barge is capable of being towed, unmanned, in an open ocean and coastal environment.

The APL-61 is fully loaded with 4,680 tons, 109 meters long and 27 meters wide. It is for 600 officers and men and 3020 people to eat. It provides Internet, TV, telephone, haircut, medical, dentist, post office, church service.

APL-61 class currently has six APL-61 to APL-66 in service. The APL-61 successfully completed the acceptance test at Halter Marine in August 1997 and was delivered to the Navy Little Creek Base on October 9. The custody was handed over to the CINCLANTFLT mooring barge company for the first time at the Norfolk base of the US Atlantic Fleet, which guaranteed the construction of the "George Washington" aircraft carrier CVN 73.

APL(L) 61 successfully completed Acceptance Trials (AT) in August at Halter Marine and was delivered to NAVPHIBASE Little Creek on 9 October. Custody was turned over to the CINCLANTFLT Berthing Barge Program/Manager for initial use at Norfolk supporting USS George Washington CVN 73. APL(L) 62 was scheduled for AT from 8 to 12 December 97 at Halter Marine, with delivery to NAVSTA San Diego scheduled for 29 January 1998. Custody of APL 62 was turned over to the CINCPACFLT Berthing Barge Program Manager for initial use at San Diego.

APL(L) 62 successfully completed Acceptance Trials (AT) in January 1998 and began its tow to its Navy acceptance point at NAVSTA San Diego on 14 February 1998; APL(L) 62 reached San Diego by 31 March 1998. The CINCPACFLT Berthing and Messing Program Manager accepted the craft and served as the craft's custodian.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the procurement of APL 65/66 was released 20 October 1997 in both hard copy and electronically via the INTERNET on the NAVSEA Home Page. Proposals were due into NAVSEA 02 by 17 March. The anticipated award date for APL 65/66 contract was June 1998. APL 65/66 ultimately will be turned over to the CINCLANTFLT and CINCPACFLT Berthing and Messing Program Managers approximately 24 and 28 months after contract award, respectively.


NAVSEA Drawing Number: 085-7122076, Booklet of General Plans APL (L) 61/62


Length, Overall 360'
Breadth 95'
Draft (light load) 5'-4"
Draft (full load) 6'-3"
Displacement, full load TBD
Displacement, light load TBD
Construction Welded Steel


Officers 150 (Berthing 30)
CPO 170 (Berthing 30)
Enlisted Crew 2700 (Berthing 540)
Officers Lockers 150
CPO Lockers 160
Enlisted Lockers 540


  • Shore Power - Six - 450 volt, 400 amp, 3 Phase receptacles
  • Craft Power - 3 Phase, 3 Wire, 60 HZ, 460 vAC ungrounded with available 230 vAC, 208/120 vAC and 120 vAC lighting
  • Emergency Power - 15 KVA Diesel Generator 120/230 vAC
  • Communication
  • PBX Dial Telephone
  • Public Announcing
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Cable Television
  • Commercial Television
  • Alarms - Fire, Smoke
  • Flooding
  • High Temperature
  • Intrusion
  • Alarm Panel Tamper
  • System Supervisory
  • Sewage (CHT) High Level
  • Evacuation

  • Hull and structure
  • Steel
  • Principal Compartments
  • Officers Mess,
  • CPO Mess
  • Crews Mess
  • Galley
  • Machinery Space
  • Medical and Dental Office
  • Treatment and Examination Rooms
  • Disbursing Office
  • Physical Fitness Center
  • Self Serve Laundry
  • Industrial Laundry
  • Office Complexes (13)
  • Computer Room
  • CCTV Room
  • Conference Room

    Air Conditioning Plant 300 ton units 2
    Air Handling units 11
    Fan Coil Units 197
    Chilled Water Pump -
    Hot Water Pump 2
    Industrial Washing Machine 3
    Industrial Dryer 2
    Garment Press 2
    Industrial Flat Work Finisher -
    Commercial Dish Washing Machine 2
    Diesel Generator 15KW
    Sewage Pump 4
    Trash Compactor 2
    Walk-In Freezer -
    Walk-In Refrigerator -
    Refrigeration Compressor 4
    Air Compressor 2
    Steam Condensate Pump 2
    Hot Water Heat Exchanger 2
    Bilge Pump 3


    The Craft is equipped with 30 Fire Stations located throughout, each containing 75 feet of fire hose. A CO2 system is installed in the Hazardous Materials Room. The General Announcing System broadcasts as an emergency evacuation message throughout the craft when activated. This message repeats continuously until secured at the Quarterdeck Station. This emergency announcement cannot be volume controlled.

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