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US Forces Korea Order of Battle [as of 01 Jan 2005]

US Forces Korea - Ground

TOTAL~ 22,500
Eighth United States Army
7th Region CID
837th Transportation BN [599th TRANS Grp]
United Nations Command Security BN
19th Military Police BN (CID)
Combat Support Coordination Team #1
Combat Support Coordination Team #2
Combat Support Coordination Team #3
6th Cavalry BDE
1st Sq, 6th Cavalry Rgt 24 - AH-64A
3rd Sq, 6th Cavalry 24 - AH-64D
17th Aviation BDE
1st BN, 52nd Aviation Rgt ? - UH-60A
? - C-12F
2nd BN, 52nd Aviation Rgt ? - CH-47
164th Air Traffic Group
35th ADA BDE
2nd BN, 1st Air Defense Artillery Rgt 16 - Patriot PAC-3
1st BN, 43 Air Defense Artillery Rgt 48 - Patriot PAC-3
175th Finance Command
18th Medical Command
106th Medical Det
618th Dental Co
121st General Hospital
16th Medical Logistics BN
168th Medical BN
52nd Medical BN
501st Military IntelligenceBDE
8th Military Police BDE
94th Military Police BN
728th Military Police BN
8th Personnel Command
1st Replacement Co
509th Personnel Service BN
516th Personnel Service BN
1st Signal BDE
36th Signal BN
41st Signal BN
304th Signal BN
307th Signal BN
19th Theater Support Command
Special Troop BN
Area I Support Activity
Area III Support Activity
20th Area Support Group
23rd Chemical BN
4th Quartermaster BN
23rd Area Support Group
6th Ordnance BN
194th Maintenance BN
34th Area Support Group
25th Transportation BN
501st Corps Support Group
498th Corps Support BN
Material Support Center, Korea
2nd Infantry Division 8,750
Delta Battery, 5th BN, 5th Air Defense Artillery? - Avenger
102nd Military Intelligence BN
122nd Signal BN
1st BDE, 2nd Infantry Division
1st BN, 72nd Armor Rgt 58 - M1A1 MBT
2nd BN, 72nd Armor Rgt 58 - M1A1 MBT
2nd BN, 9th Infantry Rgt (MECH) 58 - M2A2 BFV
DIVARTY, 2nd Infantry Division
1st BN, 15th Field Artillery 24 - M109A6
2nd BN, 17th Field Artillery 24 - M109A6
6th BN, 37th Field Artillery18 - M270 MLRS
1st BN, 38th Field Artillery18 - M270 MLRS
Aviation BDE, 2nd Infantry Division
1st BN, 2nd Aviation Rgt24 - AH-64D
2nd BN, 2nd Aviation Rgt58 - UH-60L
4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry 27 - M1A1 MBT
41 - M3A2 BFV
6 - M1064
16 - OH-58D
Engineer BDE, 2nd Infantry Division
2nd Engineer BN
44th Engineer BN (Combat)
DISCOM, 2nd Infantry Division
2nd Forward Support BN
302nd Forward Support BN
602nd Area Support BN
702nd Main Support BN
Command Element, III Corps ~ 200
US Marine Corps Forces Korea
Special Operations Command Korea
Echo Co, 160th SOAR

US Forces Korea - Air

Wing Squadron Location Aircraft Personnel
TOTAL~ 8,000
Land Based Aircraft
7th Air Force
5th Reconnaissance Sq Osan AB, ROK? - U-2
8th Fighter WingKunsan AB, ROK
35th Fighter Sq 24 - F-16CD
80th Fighter Sq 24 - F-16CD
51st Fighter WingOsan AB, ROK~ 3,500
25th Fighter Sq 20 - A-10
36th Fighter Sq 24 - F-16CD
13th Air Force
613th Contingency Response Sq
7th Air Expeditionary WingAndersen AB, Guam
Det. Helicopter Combat Support Sq ? - MH-60S
18th Fighter Sq? - F-16CD
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Sq 3 - WC-130H
U/I Bomb Sq, 5th Bomb Wing 6 - B-52H
U/I Bomb Sq, 7th Bomb Wing? - B-1B

US Forces Korea - Naval Forces

Command Unit Squadron Aircraft Personnel
US Naval Forces, Korea
Commander Fleet Activities, Chinhae
element of III Marine Expeditionary Force
CV 63 Kitty Hawk
Carrier Air Wing 5 702,500
VF-154 Black Knights 10 - F-14B
VFA-27 Royal Maces 12 - F/A-18
VFA-192 Golden Dragons12 - F/A-18
VFA-195 Dambusters12 - F/A-18
VAW-115 Liberty Bells4 - E-2C
VAQ-136 Gauntlets4 - EA-6B
VS-21 Fighting Redtails 8 - S-3B
VRC-30 Providers Det2 - C-2A
HS-14 Chargers4 - SH-60F
2- HH-60H
Command Ship Class Personnel VLS Cells
LCC 19 Blue RidgeLCC 19842-0-
AGER 2 Pueblo [CAPTURED]0-0-
Kitty Hawk Battle Group5,636466
CV 63 Kitty HawkCV 633150-0-
CG 62 ChancellorsvilleCG 47 364127
CG 63 CowpensCG 47 364127
DDG 56 John S. McCainDDG 51 32390
DD 975 O'BrienDD 963 38261
DD 985 CushingDDG 963 38261
FFG 48 VandergriftFFG 7 30090
FFG 51 GaryFFG 7 30090
SSN 698 BremertonSSN 688 130-0-
Maritime Prepositioning Squadron 3
Maritime Prepositioning Force
T-AK 3009 Pfc. Dewayne T. Williams62-0-
T-AK 3010 1st Lt. Baldomero Lopez62-0-
T-AK 3011 1st Lt. Jack Lummus62-0-
T-AK 3012 Sgt. William R. Button62-0-
T-AK 3016 LCpl Roy Wheat24-0-
Combat Prepositioning Force
T-AK 5089 LTC Calvin P. Titus25-0-
T-AK 5091 SP5 Eric G. Gibson25-0-
T-ACS 4 Gopher State-0-
Logistics Prepositioning Force
T-AK 5029 Cape Jacob-0-
T-AOT 181 Potomac-0-

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