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M106 Self-propelled 107mm Mortar
M125 Self-propelled 81mm Mortar
M1064A3 Self-propelled 120mm Mortar

The M106 is a light weight, low-silhouette Armored Personnel Carrier designed to transport a 4.2 inch mortar and crew. The vehicle is capable of amphibious operation on inland lakes and streams, extended cross country travel over rough terrain, and high speed operation on improved roads and highways. Movement of the tracks propels and steers the vehicle on both land and water. It's low weight allows it to be air transportable. Built in the early 1960's by Food Machinery Corporation of San Jose, CA, it is one of a large variety of vehicles using this same chassis and power train. This vehicle has seen extensive combat experience in Vietnam and in all theaters of war all over the world. It was one of the U.S. Army's first diesel powered vehicles, utilizing the diesel's fuel efficiency and lower flammability. It is used by almost every free country, with over 120,000 being built, it is the most popular tracked vehicle ever built. It is built of aluminum, weighs 21,000 tbs., and is operated by a crew of four men. The Detroit Diesel engine provides top speeds of 40 mph.

m1064A3 photoThe M1064A3 is a member of the M113A3 Vehicle Family developed and produced by FMC Corporation. Power is supplied by a 275hp Detroit Diesel 6V53T turbocharged diesel engine driving through an Allison X200-4 (cross-drive) transmission.

The M1064A3 incorporates all of the mobility, reliability improvements of the M113A3, including powertrain, engine diagnostics, driver's station, and electrical system. Survivability is enhanced through the use of external fuel tanks.

The M1064A3 has the same silhouette as the M113A3 Personnel Carrier and features a welded-in cross beam, additional floor support structures to withstand mortar reaction forces, and an enlarged three-piece top firing hatch. The 120mm weapon has a 90 traverse for firing over the rear of the vehicle.

The M106 107mm Mortar Carrier has a 4.2 inch (107mm) M30 mortar mounted on turntable in the rear which fires through a large hatch in the roof. The baseplate for the mortar is mounted externally on the left side of the vehicle for use when firing the mortar dismounted. The M125 is of similar design, carrying a 81mm mortar. Kits to convert M106 and M125 vehicles to the M1064A3 configuration are available.

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