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20th Area Support Group

The 20th Area Support Group was inactivated in June 2006, casing its colors during a ceremony on 15 June 2006. The 23rd Chemical Battalion and 4th Quartermaster Detachment were subsequently reassigned.

The 20th Support Group was one of 4 support groups that operated under the direction of the 19th Theater Support Command, a major subordinate command of the Eighth United States Army (EUSA) in the Republic of Korea, until the transformation of support assets beginning in mid-2004. This transformation was part of the drawdown of US forces in Korea and the transformation of the US Army to the new modular force structure. The 19th Theater Support Command was subsequently reorganized and redesiganted as the 19th Expeditionary Support Command in December 2005.

The 20th Area Support Group had been responsible for all support functions in Area IV. Area IV consisted of all areas south of Taejon, to include Camp Carroll in Waegwan, Camps Henry, Walker and George in Taegu, Camp Hialeah and Pier 8 in Pusan, and the Cheju Island recreation camp off the southern tip of the Republic of Korea. The 20th Area Support Group also supported Marine detachments located at MEC-P in Pohang. This support included everything from housing, water and electricity - to stop lights, roadway and recreation.

The 20th Area Support Group had responsibility for all logistical support and base operations in the southern half of the Republic of Korea (Area IV). Area IV consists of 7 sub-installations and 15 sites with a population of almost 12,000 U.S. Military, KATUSAs, family members and civilian employees. The group also exercised command and control over the US Army Garrison at Pusan, the 23rd Chemical Battalion, and the 4th Quartermaster Detachment. The 20th Supports 69 separate units located in Area IV performing a variety of missions in defense of the Republic of Korea.

During transition to war, the 20th Support Group anticipated processing end evacuating between 85-100 thousand noncombatants from the Republic of Korea. Their primary mission in wartime was to provide for the Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration of US augmentation units arriving from the continental United States and Pacific Commands.

Headquartered in Taegu at Camp Henry, the Group was located approximately 200 miles southeast of Seoul and performed support operations for the lower half of the Korean peninsula (Area IV) an area of some 10,000 square miles. The 20th commanded the largest geographic area of all the Support Groups and was the third largest in manpower with 12.4 percent of the 19th Theater Support Command's authorizations. The 20th Support Group (Area IV) included Camp Henry, Camp Walker, Camp George, Camp Carroll, Camp Dartboard, Camp Libby, Camp Salem, Taegu Storage Area, Kunsan, Camp Hialeah, Brooklyn, Changsan, K-9 Airfield, Pier 8, Pusan Storage Facility, Masan Ammo Depot, and Chejudo. To manage these operations the command had 963 authorized personnel to accomplish an identified workload requiring 1,207 workers.

The 20th Area Support Group was first constituted on 20 November 1965 in the Regular Army as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 20th General Support Group. The unit was deactivated in Korea on 29 June 1973. It was reactivated in Taegu, Korea on 16 August 1985 and redesignated as the 20th Area Support Group on 4 May 1991.

As part of the transformation of the 19th Theater Support Command to the 19th Expeditionary Support Command, the 20th Area Support Command was inactivated in June 2006. This coincided with the reorganization and redesignation of the 501st Corps Support Group as the 501st Sustainment Brigade. The 23rd Chemical Battalion and 4th Quartermaster Detachment were subsequently reassigned.

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