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8th Personnel Center
8th Personnel Command
8th Personnel Command (Provisional)

Following its inactivation in Korea in 2005, the 8th Personnel Command remained inactive until it was reorganized and redesignated on 30 September 2006 as the 8th Personnel Center. It was subsequently reactivated at Fort Shafter, Hawaii as part of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command, US Army Pacific.

The mission of 8th Personnel Command (PERSCOM) was to sustain personnel readiness and exercise command and control over assigned theater-level personnel units. As the theater PERSCOM, the unit managed critical personnel systems and synchronizes personnel network operations throughout the theater. The command was headquartered at the Yongsan Garrison with subordinate units located throughout Korea.

The unit consisted of the 509th and 516th Personnel Services Battalions, the 1st Replacement Company, and the Eighth US Army Band. The 1st Replacement Company, located at the Yongsan Garrison, was responsible for controlling and processing all incoming soldiers entering Korea. The Eighth United States Army Band at Yongsan Garrison, performed throughout the Korea.

The 8th Personnel Command was permanently organized under a Table of Organization and Equipment effective 16 October 1987. The command was the successor to a number of units responsible for Army personnel administration in Korea. Originally there was the Office of the Adjutant General, Eighth United States Army; then the US Army Military Personnel Center-Korea (MILPERCEN-K); and most subsequently, the 8th Personnel Command (Provisional). These organizational changes were made to consolidate and centralize all Army personnel service support in the Theater.

The distinctive unit insignia was authorized on 27 January 1987, consisting of 3 interlocking gold rings centered on an octagon divided in the manner of a Korean taeguk, red above and blue below, all bordered in base by a tripartite gold scroll, with the ends folded under and inscribed "SOLDIER SERVICE SUPPORT" in black letters. The 3 interlocking annulets signified the principal elements of the Command's mission: it was of and for soldiers; it provided the full range of personnel, administrative, and community life services; and in so doing it supported the Eighth United States Army. The association with the Eighth Army was symbolized by the octagon. The "S" division of the colors of the octagon alluded to the Korean taeguk and referred to the unit's activation and service in the Republic of Korea.

The 8th Personnel Command (Provisional) was activated on 15 January 1982 as a major subordinate command of Eighth Army. It was comprised of the following subordinate units: Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 199th Personnel Service Company, 516th Personnel Service Company, 1st Replacement Regulating Detachment, Headquarters, Postal Group-Korea, and 1st, 10th, 19th, 66th, 81st and 117th Adjutant General Detachments (Postal). The 1st Adjutant General Detachment (Postal) was transferred to 8th PERSCOM (Provisional) with the new title of ROKA Affairs Directorate, enabling 8th PERSCOM to provide greater efficiency in administrative support for the KATUSA program and supervision of the KATUSA Reception/Training Center at Camp Humphreys. As a result of the reorganizations, Theater Army Personnel Command (PERSCOM) doctrine had been implemented within the Republic of Korea, with an effective peacetime organization that could readily transition to partial/full mobilization with minimum disruption to personnel service support.

8th Personnel Command ended 25 years of distinguished unit service to the Eighth US Army when Col. Michael J. Harris, commander, 8th Personnel Command, and Command Sergeant Major Carlos Martinez-Rivera officially cased 8th PERSCOM's colors in an Inactivation Ceremony held on Yongsan's Knight Field on 15 June 2005.

8th PERSCOM's inactivation and subsequent merger with the Eighth US Army G-1 had no impact on the personnel support provided to Soldiers. The merger of G-1 and Adjutant General personnel coincided with several new personnel service support initiatives that capitalize on the latest information technology. The 8th PERSCOM consisted of a directorate staff, two personnel services battalions and a headquarters company, for a total of about 700 Soldiers. The directorate staff merged with Eighth U.S. Army G-1 to form a consolidated G-1/Adjutant General. This merger aligned with emerging Army Doctrine and was part of an incremental process that paved the way for the transformation of all PERSCOM units. The Adjutant General Corps postal and personnel services units had provided support for Soldiers, civilians, and family members stationed in South Korea since the conclusion of the Korean War in 1953.

The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 30 September 2006 as the 8th Personnel Center and subsequently reactivated as part of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command, US Army Pacific, at Fort Shafter HI.

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