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Forces En Route or Alerted - 18 October 2004

This is a best available listing of the units that have either begun deploying to Southwest Asia, have received a deployment order and have not begun to transit, or have been Alerted to the possibility of a deployment. The list is based primarily off of open-source information gathered from the news media and the military.

Forces en Route

Division Brigade Battalion Personnel Equipment Closure
US Army
98th Division (Institutional Training) ~800 mid-Sep.-late Nov.
115th Field Hospital end of July
105th MP Bn 175(?)
212th Signal BN
250th Signal Bn
128th Forward Support Bn
434th Main Support Bn, B Co ~120
1225th Combat Support Bn
6th Transportation Bn
11th Transportation Bn
144th Transportation Bn 150 August 2004
317th Quartermaster Bn
113th Engineer BN ~500 no later than Jan.04
844th Engineer BN 575
891st Engineer BN ~500
411th Civil Affairs BN
1st BN, 163rd Infantry 650 December 04
1st BN, 119th Field Artillery 150+
1st Battalion, 194th Armor
1st Battalion, 151st Aviation Regiment 275 ?
1st BN, 189th Aviation Regiment UH-60
129th Corps Support Battalion late-09/04 to 01/05
86th Combat Support Hospital late-09/04 to 01/05
716th Military Police Battalion late-09/04 to 01/05
2nd Bn, 101st Aviation Regiment late-09/04 to 01/05
4th Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment late-09/04 to 01/05
43rd Area Support Group 1,600 mid-October to Kuwait
10th Special Forces Group 1,000 Fall 04
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 1,500 Oct04-Feb05 (?)
1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division 4,000 ~300 Strykers Oct/Nov 2004
1-5 IN "Bobcats"
1-24 IN "Deuce Four"
2-14 CAV
2-8 FA "Automatic"
17th Corps Support Battalion 250 Mid-Sept. 2004
25th FSB
3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division Nov 04-Mar 05
1st BN, 41st Infantry
1st BN, 13rd Armor
2nd BN, 70th Armor
155th Armored BDE (Separate) 4,015 Feb 05
Headquarters 276
Troop A, 98th Cavalry 171 Dec 04-Jan 05
1st BN, 198th Armor REGT 501
2nd BN, 198th Armor REGT 501
1st BN, 155th Infantry REGT 701
2nd BN, 114th Field Artillery REGT 607
150th Engineer BN 330
106th Support BN 718
255th Military Intelligence Co 42
256th Brigade ~4,000 Oct 04
2-156th Infantry
3-156th Infantry
1-156th Armor
1-141st Field Artillery ~400-600
1088th ENG Bn
199th Support Bn
3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment Mar 05
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Support Squadron
29th Infantry Brigade ~2,100 Feb 05
2nd BN, 299th Infantry
1st Bn, 487th Field Artillery
29th Support Bn
1st Bn, 184th Infantry
100th Bn, 442nd Infantry
36th Infantry Division
1st Bn, 141st Infantry
56th Cavalry Brigade 2,944 January 2005
3rd Infantry Division
1st Brigade Nov 04-Mar 05
2nd Brigade Nov 04-Mar 05
3rd Brigade Nov 04-Mar 05
4th Brigade Nov 04-Mar 05
42nd Infantry Division 1,200 Dec 04-Feb 05
elements, 1st BN, 101st Cavalry REGT 150
1st BN, 69th Infantry REGT 700
50th Main Support Bn 900 Fall 04
152nd Engineer BN 150
642nd Aviation Support BN 120
5th Squadron, 117th Cavalry
116th Cavalry Brigade ~ 3,600 - 4,310 M1A1
Dec 04-Feb 05
2-116 Armored Cavalry BN
3-116 Armored Cavalry BN
1-148th Field Artillery BN
116th Engineer BN
F Bty 1-188th ADA BN ~100
278th Armored Cavalry REGT Nov 04-Feb 05
1st Sq
2nd Sq
3rd Sq
4th Sq
Support Sq
134th Signal BN
1st BN, 128th Infantry Rgt [attached] 680
XVIII Airborne Corps 7,500-8,000 Fall 04
1st Squadron, 17th Cavalry ~300 3 OH-58D End 2004
1st Corps Support Command
18th Airborne Corps Artillery
44th Medical Command
18th Aviation Brigade
20th Engineer Brigade
35th Signal Brigade
16th Military Police Brigade
525th Military Intelligence Brigade
18th Soldier Support Group
US Navy
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 17 Sept. ?
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 23 318
US Marine Corps
31st MEU ~2,000 Aug 04
Battalion Landing Team 1/3
1st Battalion, 3rd Marine ~900
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-265
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron-463 6 CH-53D
MEU Service Support Group-31
U/I Marine Regiment Mar 05
U/I Marine Regiment Mar 05
2nd Bn, 24th Marine Regiment 900 September
Company B, 4th Reconnaissance Bn, 4th MARDIV 70 Sept. 1
Kazakhstan Army
U/I Demining Elements~ 25
Romanian Army
3rd National Engineer Det.207 August?
Estonian Army
U/I Units ~ 50
Slovakian Army
U/I Military Police Units ~ 120
Georgian Army
2 Co, 16th (Sachkhere) mountain-rifle BN
1 Co, Commando BN
Japanese Self-Defense Force
U/I Units ~ 600
ROK Army
HHC 600
U/I ROKA BDE ~ 1,500
U/I Armor Co
U/I Special Forces BN
U/I Special Forces BN
U/I Guard BN
U/I ROKA BDE ~ 1,500
U/I Armor Co
U/I Special Forces BN
U/I Special Forces BN
U/I Guard BN

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