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Marine Corps Units - Introduction

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Marine Forces Pacific Marine Forces Command Marine Forces Reserve
I MEF Headquarters Group III MEF Headquarters Group II MEF Headquarters Group
1st MEB 3rd MEB 2nd MEB
5th MEB
7th MEB
9th MEB
11th MEU 31st MEU 22nd MEU
13th MEU 24th MEU
15th MEU 26th MEU
MAGTF-4 Marine Corps Security Force Rgt
Marine Rotational Force-Europe (MRF-E)
Chemical Biological Incident Response Force
1st Marine Logistics Group 3rd Marine Logistics Group 2nd Marine Logistics Group 4th Marine Logistics Group
CLR 15 CLR 35 CLR 25
CLR 17 CLR 37 CLR 27
1st Marine Division 3rd Marine Division 2nd Marine Division 4th Marine Division
3rd Assault Amphibian Bn 3rd Light Armored Recon Bn 2nd Assault Amphibian Bn 4th Assault Amphibian Bn
1st Light Armored Recon Bn 2nd Light Armored Recon Bn 4th Light Armored Recon Bn
1st Combat Engineer Bn Combat Assault Bn 2nd Combat Engineer Bn 4th Combat Engineer Bn
3rd Combat Engineer Bn 2nd Tank Battalion 4th Tank Battalion
1st Tank Battalion
1st Reconnaissance Bn 3rd Reconnaissance Bn 2nd Reconnaissance Bn 4th Reconnaissance Bn
Anti-Terrorism Bn
Marine Littoral Regiment  
1st Marine Regiment 3rd Marine Regiment 2nd Marine Regiment 23rd Marine Regiment
1/1st Marines 1/3rd Marines 1/2nd Marines 1/23rd Marines
2/1st Marines 2/3rd Marines 2/2nd Marines 2/23rd Marines
3/1st Marines 3/3rd Marines 3/2nd Marines 3/23rd Marines
1/4th Marines 1/12th Marines 3/9th Marines
5th Marine Regiment 4th Marine Regiment 6th Marine Regiment 24th Marine Regiment
1/5th Marines Unit Deployment Battalion 1/6th Marines 1/24th Marines
2/5th Marines Unit Deployment Battalion 2/6th Marines 2/24th Marines
3/5th Marines 3/6th Marines 3/24th Marines
2/4th Marines 2/9th Marines
7th Marine Regiment 8th Marine Regiment 25th Marine Regiment
1/7th Marines 1/8th Marines 1/25th Marines
2/7th Marines 2/8th Marines 2/25th Marines
3/7th Marines 3/8th Marines 3/25th Marines
3/4th Marines 1/9th Marines
11th Marine Regiment 12th Marine Regiment 10th Marine Regiment 14th Marine Regiment
1/11th Mairnes 3/12th Marines 1/10th Marines 2/14th Marines
2/11th Marines   2/10th Marines 3/14th Marines
3/11th Marines 3/10th Marines 5/14th Marines
5/11th Marines 5/10th Marines
3rd Marine Air Wing 1st Marine Air Wing 2nd Marine Air Wing 4th Marine Air Wing
Marine Aircraft Group 11 Marine Aircraft Group 12 Marine Aircraft Group 14 Marine Aircraft Group 41
Marine Aircraft Group 13 Marine Aircraft Group 24 Marine Aircraft Group 26 Marine Aircraft Group 49
Marine Aircraft Group 16 Marine Aircraft Group 36 Marine Aircraft Group 29 Marine Air Control Group 48
Marine Aircraft Group 39 Marine Air Control Group 18 Marine Aircraft Group 31 Training Support Group
Marine Air Control Group 38 Marine Air Control Group 28

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