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Army Units - Introduction

Brigade Unit of Action (UA)

Regionally Aligned Forces

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United States Army

Army Secretariat

Army Staff

US Army Direct Reporting Units
US Army Acquisition Support
US Army Corps of Engineers US Army Criminal
Investigation Command
US Army Intelligence and
Security Command
US Army Installation
Management Command
US Army Medical Command US Army Military
District of Washington
US Army Network Enterprise
Technology Command/
9th Signal Command
US Army Test and
Evaluation Command
US Military Academy
US Army Commands
US Army Forces Command US Army Training and Doctrine
Army Materiel
101st Airborne Division
1st Armored Division
1st Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division
4th Infantry Division
10th Mountain Division
US Army Service Component Commands
Eighth US Army Military Surface Deployment
and Distribution Command
US Army Africa US Army Central
Third US Army
US Army, Europe US Army North
Fifth US Army
US Army South US Army Pacific
   2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment 25th Infantry Division
   European Activity Set
   170th Infantry Brigade
  172nd Infantry Brigade
   173rd Airborne Brigade
US Army Special Operations
US Army Space and Missile
Defense Command/
Army Forces Strategic Command
US Army Corps
I Corps III Corps V Corps XVIII Airborne Corps
   3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment
2nd Infantry Division 1st Cavalry Division 82nd Airborne Division
HQ, 7th Infantry Division
US Army Reserve
US Army Reserve Command
Operational and Functional Commands
11th Aviation Command 7th Civil Support Command 412th Engineer Command 416th Engineer Command
3rd Medical Command 807th Medical Command 200th Military Police Command 1st Mission Support Command
335th Signal Command 311th Sustainment Command 377th Sustainment Command 79th Sustainment Support Command
Army Civil Affairs and
Psychological Operations Command
Army Reserve Joint and
Special Troops Support Command
Army Reserve Medical Command Military Intelligence Readiness Command
Training Commands
166th Aviation Brigade 75th Mission Command
Training Division
108th Training Command 80th Training Command
84th Training Command First US Army Division East
Support Commands
9th Mission Support Command 63rd Regional Support Command 81st Regional Support Command 85th Regional Support Command
88th Regional Support Command 99th Regional Support Command 87th US Army Reserve Support Command Army Reserve Careers Division
US Army National Guard
28th Infantry Division 29th Infantry Division 34th Infantry Division 35th Infantry Division
36th Infantry Division 38th Infantry Division 40th Infantry Division 42nd Infantry Division
Brigade Combat Teams
30th Armored Brigade
Combat Team
81st Armored Brigade
Combat Team
155th Armored Brigade
Combat Team
278th Armored Cavalry Regiment
116th Cavalry Brigade
Combat Team
27th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
29th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
32nd Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
33rd Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
37th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
39th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
41st Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
45th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
48th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
50th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
58th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
76th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
79th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
86th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
92nd Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
116th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
207th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team
256th Infantry Brigade
Combat Team

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