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3rd Battalion - 116th Armored Regiment

3rd Battalion - 116th Armor Cavalry Regiment

In FY 2006 the 3-116 Armored Cavalry Regiment was redesignated the 3-116 Armored Regiment.

The 2nd Battalion, 116th Armor Cavalry, was originally constituted on 4 March 1920 in the Idaho National Guard as the 1st Cavalry. It organized between March-November 1920 in the valley of the Snake River. It was redesignated on 12 October 1921 as the 116th Cavalry (less 2nd and 3rd Squadrons): Headquarters was Federally recognized on 11 February 1922 at Boise (the 2nd and 3rd Squadrons werre allotted in 1929 to the Idaho National Guard). The location of Headquarters changed on 15 March 1929 to Weiser; and on 9 December 1930 to Boise.

The 116th Cavalry (less 3rd Squadron) converted and was redesignated on 16 September 1940 to the 183rd Field Artillery (the 3rd Squadron concurrently converted and was redesignated as elements of the 148th Field Artillery- hereafter separate lineage). The 183rd Field Artillery was inducted into Federal Service on 1 April 1941 at home stations.

The Regiment was broken up on 8 February 1943 and its elements reorganized and redesignated as follows:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery 183 Field Artillery Group;
  • 1st Battalion as the 183rd Field Artillery Battalion; it inactivated on 30 October 1944, Camp Myles Standish, MA;
  • 2nd Battalion as the 951st Field Artillery Battalion; it inactivated on 13 October 1945 at Camp Myles Standish, MA.

The above units reorganized as elements of the 183rd Infantry (Headquarters was Federally recognized on 10 January 1947 at Twin Falls) and the 116th Mechnanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Headquarters was Federally recognized on 8 January 1947 at Caldwell).

The 183rd Infantry (less 3rd Battalion) and 116th Mechanized Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Consolidated, reorganized, and were redesignated on 12 September 1949 as the 116th Armored Cavalry with Headquarters at Twin Falls (3rd Battalion, 183rd Infantry, concurrently converted and was redesignated as the 116th Engineer Combat Battalion- hereafter separate lineage). (The 3rd Squadron was allotted on 15 December 1967 to the Nevada Army National Guard; relieved in 11 May 1974 from allotment to the Nevada Army National Guard and allotted to the Oregon Army National Guard. The 1st Squadron was relieved on 1 May 1977 from allotment to the Idaho Army National Guard. The Attack Helicopter Company was allotted on 1 September 1975 to the Washington and Wyoming Army National Guard).

The unit was reorganized and redesignated on 1 September 1989 in the Idaho and Oregon Army National Guard as the 116th Cavalry, a parent regiment under the United States Army Regiment System, to consist of the 2nd and 3rd Battalions and Troop E, elements of the 116th Cavalry Brigade, and Troop F, and element of the 41st Infantry Brigade.

The unit reorganized on 1 October 1995 to consist of the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, elements of the 116th Cavalry Brigade.

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