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World Wide Replenishment at Sea

Amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics

AE Ammunition Ships
AFS Stores Ships
AKE Dry Cargo Carrier
AO Fleet Oiler
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship
AOR Replenishment Oiler

The ability to do underway replenishment, or replenishment at sea, provides navies with the ability to deploy world wide, and to maintain presence forward for months on end on a continuous basis. Warships typically carry enough fuel to sail 6,000 or 7,000 nautical miles. This is roughly the distance from East Asia to the Middle East. Navies which lack Replenishment at Sea capabilities are basically local defense forces - Green Water, but not truely Blue Water.

A pair of replenishment ships is probably the minimum needed for a credible force, as ships are temporarily withdrawn from service for periodic maintenance. Taiwan was made painfully aware of this in 2009, when it was unable to deploy against the Somali pirates as its sole replenishment ship was in overhaul.

Nothing so clearly demonstrates the rise of Chinese seapower as the fact that China has risen to third place in this essential element of maritime power projection. China will probably surpass the Royal Navy by the end of this decade. The Soviet Union never really got the hang of underway replenishment during the Cold War.

Ammunition transports (special weapons and ammunition transports) are intended for delivering items of armament and ammunition to ship force operating areas. Oilers are employed for transporting oil products, replenishing the fuel stores of combatant ships, as well as for underway replenishment of other kinds of supplies. All-purpose supply transports provide underway replenishment of combatant ships with fuel including aviation fuel, food products, fresh water and other supplies.

United States 291,177,550
AKE Lewis and Clark 1135,850394,350
AO Henry Kaiser1442,000588,000
AOE Supply448,800195,200
United Kingdom 7190,033
AOEWave Knight231,500 63,000
AORFort Victoria 231,565 63,130
AOBayleaf140,870 40,870
AORover211,522 23,044
China 6147,000
AOE Qiandaohu / Fuchi 522,000110,000
AORNanyun / Nancang137,000 37,000
Russia 8130,773
AOR Boris Chilikin424,46097,840
AOL Dubna 111,140 11,140
AORL Olekma26,44012,880
AORL Vyaz'ma18,9138,913
India 4115,512
AO Deepak227,50055,000
AO Jyoti1 35,900 35,900
AO Aditya (Deepak Mod)124,612 24,612
AOE Mashu225,00050,000
AOE Towada38,15024,450
France 471,600
AO Durance417,900 71,600
Germany 469,320
AFS Type 702 Berlin 220,40040,800
AORL Spessart / Rhn 214,26028,520
Pakistan 355,550
AO Moawin116,80016,800
Spain 349,925
AORHPatio 117,045 17,045
AORHLM. de la Ensenada113,38013,380
Greece 320,366
AOR Prometheus113,40013,400
AORL Axios23,483 6,966

2 Ships

Chile 253,561
AO Almirante Montt [3]142,00042,000
AO Araucano [5]112,56112,561
Australia 243,016
AOE O 266 Sirius125,01625,016
AOE OR 304 Success118,00018,000
Turkey 240,000
AOR Akar220,00040,000
Taiwan 237,859
AOE Panshih120,85920,859
AOEWu Yi117,000 17,000
Netherlands 234,000
AOR Amsterdam217,00034,000
South Korea 327,000
AOE Chonji39,00027,000
Brazil 225,431
AO Gasto Motta110,320 10,320
Italy 222,100
AOR Etna113,400 13,400
AORL Stromboli18,7008,700
Saudi Arabia221,000
AOR Boraida 210,500 13,400
Indonesia 220,222
AOR Arun111,52211,522
AOR Sorong18,7008,700

1 Ship

Iran 133,014
Canada 226,000
AORMV Asterix / Project Resolve126,00026,000
Thailand 123,000
AO Patagonia117,900 17,900
South Africa 112,500
AOR Drakensberg112,50012,500
Portugal 111,522
Venezuela 19,750
AOR Ciudad Bolivar19,7509,750

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