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Boraida class small replenishment tanker

Two modified Durance Class replenishment ships named 902 Boraida and 904 Yunbou are in service with Royal Saudi Navy. Saudi Arabia launched in the late 1970s a plan called Sha Wali (Sawari) Share-ship to spend $3.5 billion on French ships, ordering four F-2000 Medina class missile frigates and two oil supply ship derived from the Durance design, the latter known Boraida class small supply tankers (small replishment oiler). Two Balada class named Boraida (902) and Yunbou (904), were built by the French at the La Ciotat shipyard in Marseille. Boraida started in April 1982, launched January 22, 1983, entered into service February 29, 1984; Yunbou started in 1983, launched October 24, 1984, and entered into service August 29, 1985.

Compared with the Durance, the Balada have a lower displacement [10,500 tons versus 17,500 tons, as Saudi-Arabia navy had low demand], and are smaller - hull length is 135 meters, beam 18.7 meters [versus 21.2 meters], draft 7 meters [versus 10.8 meters]. The host for the two 13,200 horsepower Pielstick diesel engine, dual-axis forward, generator total power 5400KW, maximum speed of 20.5, compiled 140 personnel (if necessary, an additional 55), the ship can carry 4,350 tons of diesel, 350 tons of aviation fuel, 140 tons of fresh water, 100 tons of ammunition, 100 tons supplies, 70 tons dry goods, the central hull just set a pair of lateral recharge Yan, one on each side of the vessel can be horizontal transport of liquid and solid materials, aft there a vertical sea refueling device; addition, the ship also has a pair of mechanical processing equipment repair workshop. Breda ship armed self-defense, including two dual-mounted 40mm automatic cannon, which are located in front of the bridge. Saudi Arabia in accordance with the needs of libraries and aft with two helicopter landing deck, operable two dolphins or a light helicopter Puma medium helicopters.

In the late 2000s, the two ships had returned to France to carry out renovation work. In 2012, Saudi Arabia and France negotiate the purchase plan for Sha Wali four Medina Barada class frigates and two tanker fleet level for life extension projects (L life Extension, LEX), the total contract value of about 1 billion euros (about 1.3 billion U.S. dollars). Saudi Arabia previously a major overhaul of these legal work must ship back to France shipyard DCN belongs, and this contract, though still the prime contractor for the DCN, but the French claim renovation work must be located in the Red Sea naval bases in Jeddah with the employment of local labor.

Displacement 10,500 tons trials
Dimensions 135 x 18.7 x 7 meters (443 x 61 x 23 feet)
Propulsion 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 13,200 bhp, 20.5 knots
Crew 140 + 55 cadets
Aviation aft helicopter deck and hangars for 2 helicopters
Cargo 4,350 diesel fuel
350 tons aviation fuel
140 tons water
100 tons provisions, 100 tons munitions, 70 tons stores
Armament 2 dual 40 mm

Number Name YearFLTHomeport Notes
902 Boraida 1984
904 Yunbou 1985

Boraida Boraida Boraida Boraida


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