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Type 702 BERLIN-Class Fleet Auxiliary Vessels
EGV Einsatzgruppenversorger Berlin

Naval auxiliaries have been a part of the Blohm + Voss portfolio for over five decades. The German Navy recently commissioned two BERLIN-class fleet auxiliary vessels. A second batch with significant improvements and extensions such as an integrated bridge, a double hull in accordance with MARPOL, a new air-conditioning concept, additional air-surveillance radar, new engines and advanced helicopter controls was ordered 2008. Furthermore, the vessel incorporates a new crewing concept.

The BERLIN-Class Fleet Auxiliary Vessels accommodate 84 standard ISO containers, 8.500 tons of liquid and 14.500 tons of dry cargo. The BERLIN-class is fitted with Replenishment-At-Sea (RAS) systems in accordance with NATO regulations, hosts two helicopters, has in-flight refuelling-capabilities (HIFR), operates two 24 ton cranes and has an array of 14 medium to small calibre self-defence weapons. The large modular hospital (MERZ) offers 45 beds plus four for intensive care (including hospital ward).

EGV BERLIN supports routine exercise and employment projects of the destroyer flotilla as a supporting unit of the navy. The employments necessary for it can take place world-wide. For employment parameters (length of application, - area, etc.) it can provide the following support need: - consumer goods + fuel (F-75, F-44) + oils and fats + Fresh water and boiler food water + food supply means and mark tender goods + ammunition - and management of non and single consumer goods in employment and consumption-dependent supply packages including medical material as well as technical and medical gases.

The third ship of the class, the Bonn, incorporates lessons learned from a decade of experience with her sister ships, including the humanitarian support provided by the Berlin following the 2005 tsunami in Southeast Asia. As such, the Bonn incorporates a substantially enlarged superstructure, davit-mounted landing craft and other enhancements.

Main Specifications:

(2nd Batch)

173.70 m
24.00 m
7.40 m
20,000 tons
45 days
20 knots
237 [159 People (+ 94)]
Propulsion plant:
2 diesel engines 7.2 MW each
4 x 27 mm naval light guns (MLG)

A1411BERLINTrain SquadronWilhelmshaven
A1412FRANKFURT AM MAINTrain SquadronKiel
A1413BonnTrain Squadron??

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