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Panshih fleet oiler

The supply ship Pan Shi cost four billion Taiwan dollars (130 million US dollars) to build. It can take a crew of up to 165 and has a range of 8,000 nautical miles. The supply ship can reach 22 knots and has a displacement of 20,000 tons.

This vessel is designed as an AOE, in accordance with the US Navy hull classification system, which means it is a logistics ship that will supply oil, ammunition and stores to other ships in a battle group. The Navy christened a self-made fast combat support ship 05 November 2013 in Kaohsiung, with the aim of putting the vessel into service by the end of the year, according to the Ministry of National Defense. The ship, the second of its kind in Taiwan, was named Panshih after a mountain in eastern Taiwan in the hope that it will be as strong as a rock, the ministry said in a statement. The new ship will help boost Taiwan's combat capability, according to Chief of General Staff Kao Kuang-chi. Starting that day, the ship will undergo various checks and will be put into service once the tests are completed successfully, said Kao, whose wife later christened the vessel with a bottle of champagne.

It has a range of 8,000 nautical miles, maximum speed of 22 knots and the capacity to carry a complement of 165. They are 196 meters long with a beam of 25.2 meters and a draft of 8.6 meters. It has a full displacement of 20,859 tons and light displacement of 10,371 tons. Even with the new fuel and ammunition supply ship to join the fleet, "Wuyi" ship will not see retirement.

Some sources suggest that the first Taiwanese-built vessel, Wu Yi, had experienced serious problems with hull construction, machinery, and steering. Taiwan media reported that "Wuyi" ship service, the Navy found that many problems. In addition to insufficient horsepower, but also outgoing ship is poorly constructed, transmission gear and poor operation and other issues, the new supply ship will be improved.

Taiwan's navy said, "Wuyi" ship is to maintain the combat capability of the important Naval ships, although some minor problems, but overall pretty good, especially in case of the outbreak of war in the Taiwan Strait, Keelung-class destroyers left vulnerable harbor long stay at sea deterrence, defense, its supply must rely on "Wuyi" ship.

First, self-defense weapons, "Wuyi" does not ship such devices phalanx cannon defensive weapons and electronic warfare systems, and that "Wuyi" ship existing weapons begin with manual operation, a visual sighting, not suited to the modern battlefield. Furthermore naval air defense ship is not sufficient to provide a complete protection, new fuel and ammunition supply ship will be improved in this respect.

Second, the "Wuyi" ship without helicopter base, the Taiwan Navy currently have no full-time replenishment transport helicopters, vertical transportation and supply is limited. If future transport helicopter full of supplies purchased or joint-service combat exercise, it will be shipped immediately fill greatly enhance the ability of vertical sea.

Third, the ship within the port area of operation is not flexible, especially the annual voyage to visit the part of the "allies" Minato small narrow waterway, harbor hydrological complexity, coupled with the supply ship itself is bulky, heavy-tonnage, in operation often require extensive experience and superb seamanship, therefore, recommended to install auxiliary bow thrusters, increased vessel operating flexibility.

Taiwan's navy had long been seeking a second larger fuel and ammunition supply ship. As early as 2005, the Navy came forward with plans to build a new type of fuel and ammunition supply ship. However, due to funding problems nothing happened. The ship finally entered the planning stage in 2009. Taiwan wss to spend NT $ 2.6 billion, with two years to design and build the second large fuel and ammunition supply ship.

By 2009, the Taiwan authorities intended to send warships to the Gulf of Aden to escort missions. The 3,700 ton "Lafayette" ship, equipped with anti-ship missiles and 76-style cannon, with a helicopter, escort should be capable of this mission. But unfortunately the only fuel and ammunition naval supply ship "Wuyi" ship was being overhauled. If the naval task was to be performed offshore, the Navy needed a backup plan looking for supply. According to the Navy plan, the second large fuel and ammunition supply ship project began in 2009.

The new fuel and ammunition supply ship fuel supply carrying amount must be more than 10,000 tons, therefore, the new supply ship was definitely larger more than "Wuyi", with a helicopter deck area and sailing stability is superior to the general warships.

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