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Chonji / Chun Jee class AOE

The Chonji [Chun Jee / Wonjin] class Fast Combat Support Ships (AOE) provide the ROK Navy with an at-sea Underway Replenishment (UNREP) capability. Their primary mission is replenish with fuels, water, munitions and stores to other ships. With the Chunjee class the efficient support of the combat task force in high sea is possible. This ship is fitted with modernized UNREP systems which enables the safe delivery of the maximum amount of cargo in the minimum time. Various designs for other logistic support vessels such as AE and AOR as well as amphibious logistic support force are also available. The design applyies a proper mixture of commercial & military standards to maximize economy.

By the year 2020, the ROK Navy plans to deploy two or three rapid response fleets, each comprising of 1 LPX, 1 KDX-III, 2~3 KDX-II, and possibly a number of FFX frigates and one or two AIP submarines. Task groups oft of this size would also require the construction of a new large AOR, since the current Wonjin-class AOE in ROKN service would not be able to support the logistic requirements of so many large ships on an extended deployment.

This ship detects target position with the fire control R/D and maneuvering rader. By the control equipment, WCS-86 fire control can get complex information of wind course and speed, and automatically process the data. The fire control system can control 40mm and 20mm gunnery and automatically hit the target accurately. Also have the DAGAIE control unit, which can deceive enemy's radar and guided missiles. If the enemy attacks with guided missile, this ship can use the DAGAIE rocket to defend the ship from the attack.

The ship's propulsion system has two diesel engines. Each one is rated at 7,800 horsepower for a total output of 15,600 horses' power. As a remote system, the engines can be controlled from the bridge and main control room.

The length of this ship is 134 meters overall, the beam 18 meters, the height 37 meters. The maximum speed is 20 knots and cruise speed is 15 Kts. The full displacement 9,180 tons and light weight displacement 4180 tons. The ships can carry 4,200 tons of fuel and water, and 450 tons of stores. This ship can store 1,340,000G/L of supply fuel giving it the capability to circle around the world without refueling five and half times. This ship can carry 25,000 G/L of fresh water and 410 tons of ammunition.

The replenishment system is located on both sides, which can support cargo-working place and replenish two ships at the same time. They have four UNREP stations, two each for solid cargoes and for fuels. Under the control of UNREP-control center, the ship has 2 FAS, 1 AFS, 2 RAS equipment for underway replenishment. Therefore, the ship can also supply fuels, water and cargo from both sides and the end of the ship. Also this ship has 4 forklifts, 4 pallet trucks, and 3 elevators for cargo transportation. They are also equipped with two large deck cranes.

In order to provide comprehensive logistic support, the ship has the ability to provide vertical support with use of the Helo. A helo deck located on the aft sections of the ship is used for vertical-replenishment. It is fitted with helicopter platforms to allow the transfer of supplies by vertical replenishment (VERTREP), but there is no hanger or support facilities for helicopters. There are some differences among the various units of this class. The 1st ship mounted 2 Emerlec 40mm twin guns, but the 2nd, the 3rd ships mounted 2 Nobong 40mm twin guns made by Daewoo Heavy Industries Co.

All ships were built by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. at Ulsan, South Korea. Currently this class consists of three ships. ROKS Chonji (AOE-57), the first ship of this class, was launched on May 1990, and commissioned on December 1990. ROKS Taechong (AOE-58), the second ship, was launched on January 1997, and commissioned in November 1997. ROKS Hwachon (AOE-59), the third ship, was launched on July 1997, and commissioned in March 1998. There is some confusion concerning the construction chronology, since one authoritative source reports that one unit constructed by HYUNDAI shipyard was laid down on November 3, 1996, and following a one year construction period was launched on August 27, 1997, and commissioned on May 1, 1998.

The Chonji class ships are named after lakes on the Peninsula of Korea. Chonji is name of lake at the top of Mt. Paekdu, the highest mountain on the Peninsula of Korea, Taechong and Hwachon are name of lakes in South Korea.

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