Exercises - European Command

U.S. European Command Partnership for Peace is composed of 26 nations that generally come from the former Soviet bloc wanting to join NATO, or non-member Western nations who want good relations with the alliance, such as neutral Switzerland. Partnership for Peace [PFP] exercises are open to any one of the partners who wishes to come. In the case of "in the spirit of" exercises, the host country invites the participants.

Section 401 of Title 10 authorizes USEUCOM components to conduct humanitarian projects while on operational deployments or training exercises such as MEDFLAG, Medical Exercise in Central/Eastern Europe (MEDCEUR), Cornerstone, Flintlock, West Africa Training Cruise (WATC) and Joint/Combined Exchange Training (JCET).

U.S. Army Europe multinational exercises ensure interoperability with current, and potential, coalition partners, and for working out possible mission command issues including computer network and communications interoperability.

NAME Type Cost $M Frequency Date Host
Able Ally CPX 0.2
Adventure Exchange FTX 4.2 annual Sep-Oct Greece/Turkey
Adventure Express FTX triennial March various
Affirmative Alert FTX annual March Norway
African Eagle FTX 5.6 biennial January Morroco
African Lion CPX 0.5 biennial December Morroco
Agile Lion CAX 0.1 biennial Jan-Feb various
Agile Response CAX annual April various
Albania Salvage/DIVEX FTX 0 Albania
Alexandros annual February Greece
Allied Effort FTX November Poland
Ample Train FTX 2/ year spring / fall various NATO
Anapnefstir FTX 0 Greece
Anakonda / Anaconda FTX Sep-Oct Poland
Anatolian Eagle FTX 1-3 / year Apr, Jun, Sep Turkey
Ardent Ground FTX 0.7 annual April-May various
Ariadne FTX 0 annual April Greece
Arrcade Guard CPX annual March Germany
Arrcade Fusion CAX annual October Germany
Arrcade Spartan June Germany
Arrcade Warrior April Germany
Astrapi ASWEX 0 Greece
Atlantic Resolve
Athena FTX 0 Greece
Atlas Drop FTX 1.3 annual January Tunisia
Atlas Gate CPX 0.6 Tunisia
Atlas Hinge PHIBEX 2.4 annual September Tunisia
Austere Challenge FTX
Baltic Castle FTX 3.0 Lithuania
Baltic Challenge FTX 2.2 annual Lithuania
BALTOPS FTX 0.6 annual June Baltic
Battle Griffin FTX 16.8 triennial February Norway
Black Sea PASSEX PASSEX 2.0 quarterly various N/A
Blue Game FTX annual April Norway
Blue Harrier FTX 0.3 biennial April Denmark
Brave Eagle FTX 0.3 Poland
Brave Knight CAX 1.7 Poland
Bright Eye SAREX 0 biennial May North Sea
Central Enterprise FTX 5.8 annual June various NATO
Central Harmony CAX 0.2
Classica FTX 0 annual
Clean Hunter FTX annual June various NATO
Combined Endeavor FTX/CPX 0 annual summer Germany
Combined Resolve FTX
Cooperative Aid FTX 1.3
Cooperative Assembly FTX
Cooperative Banners CFX/CPX 0.4 quadrennial May-June Norway
Cooperative Best Effort FTX 0.1 annual September Austria
Cooperative Chance FTX 0.1 biennial Slovakia
Cooperative Demand CPX/FTX 0.7 Turkey
Cooperative Determination FTX 0.1 annual November various PFP
Cooperative Engagement FTX ? annual September Slovenia
Cooperative Guard CPX 1.1 biennial May various
Cooperative Key AIREX 0.2 annual Fall various PFP
Cooperative Neighbor FTX/CPX 0.7 Ukraine
Cooperative Partner SURFEX 0 annual June Black Sea
Cornerstone FTX 1.6 annual Apr-Jul various balkan
Destined Glory FTX 0.9 annual October Mediterranean
Dimming Sun FTX 0
Distant Thunder FTX 1.1 annual May Turkey
Dogfish ASWEX 0 annual February Ionian Sea
Dogu-Akdeniz FTX 0.1 Turkey
Dragoon Ride FTX annual spring Germany, Baltics
Dynamic Action AIREX 0.1 annual March AFSOUTH
Dynamic Manta FTX annual summer
Dynamic Mix FTX 6.2 biennial summer Southern Region
Dynamic Monarch FTX irregular summer Baltic
Dynamic Mongoose FTX irregular summer Norweigian Sea
Dynamic Response FTX 6.5 annual April Bosnia
Ellipse Bravo MTT 0.6
Eugenie FTX 0.2
Flintlock FTX 6.1
French Afrique FTX Senegal
Gateway FTX 0
Griffin Strike       Apr-May Czech Republic
Immediate Response FTX annual summer Various
Iolkos PASSEX 0 Greece
Island Thunder PHIBEX Italy
Juniper Cobra FTX Israel
Juniper Falcon FTX Israel
Juniper Hawk FTX 0.1 Israel
Juniper Stallion FTX 2.3 annual March Israel
Lailaps ASWEX 0 annual April Greece
Lariat Response ERDE/FTX 0 annual June SETAF
Matador FTX/CPX 2.2 biennial spring Spain
MEDFLAG FTX 1.1 2 / year various Africa
Mediterranean Shark FTX 0.7 Morroco
Mini-Noble Dina FTX 0 Israel
Minor Manar
Mission Rehearsal Exercise CAX 0 various Germany
Natural Fire East Africa
Niriis FTX 0 annual November Greece
Noble Dina FTX 0 Israel
Noble Partner FTX Georgia
Noble Rose FTX 2.3 Israel
Noble Shirley CFX 0 biennial Jul & Dec Israel
Optic Windmill FTX
Peaceful Eagle annual
Peaceshield FTX annual July Ukraine
Poseidon FTX 0
Rapid Guardian Kosovo
Rapid Trident Ukraine
Reliant Mermaid SAREX Israel
Rescue Eagle PHIBEX 0
Rescuer FTX 0.2 annual various various
Saber Guardian/Rapid Trident FTX
Saber Junction FTX
Saber Strike FTX annual various Baltics
Sacred Company FTX 1.6
Sea Breeze PHIBEX 0 annual Jul - Sep Ukraine
Sea Soldier PHIBEX 0 annual various Oman
Shared Endeavor FTX 2.2
Siil (Hedgehog) FTX Estonia
Silver Eagle FTX 2.8
Slovenia Salvage/Divex FTX 0
Spring Storm FTX annual Spring Estonia
Strong Resolve FTX quadrennial March Norway & Poland
Tactical Fighter Weaponry FTX 2.2 annual Aug-Sep Denmark
Torgau CPX May Russia
Trail Blazer CPX 0.6 annual July USAFE
Trident Juncture FTX
Trojan Footprint FTX 2.8
Union Flash CAX 0 annual USAFE
Urgent Victory FTX annual April V Corps / Germany
Victory Scrimmage CPX - January V Corps / Various
Victory Strike FTX annual October V Corps / Poland
West Africa WATC FTX 0.4 annual various Africa

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