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Cooperative Chance

Cooperative Chance 1998 was conducted 5-10 July 1998 at 31 AFB Sliac, MTB Lest is Slovakia. This LIVEX/CPX was an International Joint AF Exercise of NATO and PfP countries with focus to train activities and procedures of UNO-led PSO operations together with humanitarian support AF operations, with an effort to ensure the interoperability of participating countries' AF in accordance to NATO operations standards. Participating Countries were: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Canada, FYROM, Hungary, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Austria, Romania, Sweden, Italy, The Ukraine, USA, UK, Slovak Republic. Participating non-military organizations : UNO, SR Civil Protection. Manning was almost 1,200 participants from 20 countries. Equipment included more than 40 combat, support and transport airplanes (F-16, Mirage 2000, Tornado, JA-37 Viggen, MiG-21, MiG-29, E-3A AWACS, AB 212, G-222, An-30 etc.).

Cooperative Chance 2000 was a Command Post Exercise (CPX) organized within the NATO/PfP programme. The CPX is part of NATO's Cooperation in Europe for 2000 programme and is a continuation of series of "Cooperative" exercises : Cooperative Chance '98 (1998 SR), Cooperative Guard '99 (1999 Czech Republic). The exercises are based on a Peace Support Operation (PSO) and is combined with humanitarian aid and natural disaster relief operations, and there is a wide variety of air traffic control and commanding operations included in the program. The exercise took place in the Command Bldg. Ziara, belonging to the SR AF HQ-s in Zvolen, from 11 till 19 April 2000.

The objective of the exercise was to develop interoperability and understanding between the armed forces of NATO and PfP countries at the AF HQs staff level. This includes controlling PSOs and Humanitarian Aid activities as well as training and cooperation with UNO and SR Civil Protection representatives.

Under the scenario, there has been a conflict between two originally joined countries DIAMOND and AMBER. After some months of negotiation, a peace settlement has been achieved and NATO-led UN Forces have deployed in theater. The following agreements and measures were taken: There is a zone of separation created on both sides of the border; the Nuclear Power Station, whose ownership is in question, provides electricity for both of the countries and is under UN control and a detached PSO unit; and there is a "No-Fly-Zone" announced that encompasses airspace of both countries. The scenario of humanitarian aid includes the support for two groups of ethnic minorities in the territory of both belligerents and assistance with the relief of damaged dam and the associated flood connected to it.

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