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Arrcade Spartan

The ACE Rapid Reaction Corps conducted a three-day training exercise 06-08 June 2000 at the Sennelager training Center (STC) to refine its warfighting procedures and readiness. The exercise, called ARRCADE SPARTAN 2, carried on with a combat scenario that was first introduced during two previous exercises in March and April. The Corps intends to use similar scenarios during two more intermediate exercises in September before putting the ARRC to a full test with a major field exercise, ARRCADE FUSION, in October.

One of the primary objectives for the ARRC's multinational headquarters during the exercise was to regenerate its warfighting tactics, techniques and procedures. The headquarters is manned by 430 personnel from 17 of NATO's 19 member nations. The battle this week was the first time the units got into a proper battle rhythm. All the work going into these preparatory exercises will be put to the full test during ARRCADE FUSION. The ARRC's operational experience is not limited to conducting exercises. Just last year, the command served as NATO's headquarters for the initial entry of land forces into Kosovo and was the Bosnia-Herzegovina Implementation Force headquarters in 1996. It must be constantly prepared to deploy on short notice under NATO's leadership for a full range of operations, from peace support to high-intensity conflict.

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