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Brave Eagle

Soldiers from the US, Denmark, Finland, Hungary and Poland participated in a combined peacekeeping exercise called Brave Eagle 1997 which was conducted Sept. 8-19, 1997, at the Drasko Pomorskie military training facility area near Karwice, Poland. The exercise, which was conducted in the spirit of Partnership for Peace, was a computer-assisted command post exercise structured to train a multinational brigade in conducting peacekeeping operations. Some 350 soldiers from Poland, the U.S., Denmark, Finland, Hungary, and Ukraine participated in a peacekeeping exercise, called Brave Eagle, using computers to help train a multinational brigade. In the Eagle's Talon exercise, Polish and U.S. airmen are carrying out peacekeeping maneuvers during simulated ethnic conflict. The goals of the exercise are to promote Partnership for Peace through development of a common understanding of peace support operations, and to enhance military interoperability by training commanders and staffs in the staff procedures required to conduct multinational peace support operations with differently equipped, organized and doctrinally oriented units.

In 1997 alone, Poland participated in 22 PFP exercises in which the United States also took part; the highlight of these events was exercise BRAVE EAGLE, one of the largest and most complex PFP exercises to date, which Poland hosted. Poland also participates in a hundreds of bilateral and multilateral exercises, seminars, and other activities with other Partners and NATO Allies, all of which contribute to increasing their interoperability. The Poles have emphasized military training and tactical exercises in their PFP participation.

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