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Ellipse Bravo

The USCINCEUR Exercise ELLIPSE BRAVO, conducted in June 1992, was a contemporary exercise designed to test the ability to assemble rapidly a Joint Task Force to conduct an emergency evacuation operation. A 22,000 strong Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Joint force, led by Commander, Sixth Fleet, was completely established within 48 hours. Initially organized ashore, this staff subsequently shifted to an afloat command ship, maintaining effective continuity of command throughout. During this shift, the Air Force General, designated as the Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC), and his staff proved their ability to operate successfully at sea on an aircraft carrier.

In September 1998, Department of Energy emergency assets participated in a major overseas exercise ELLIPSE BRAVO. The objective of the exercise was to evaluate and validate the U.S. federal response to a radiological Weapon of Mass Destruction in an international environment.

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