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In April 1995 Norfolk based Commander Destroyer Squadron Thirty Two (CDS-32) participated in the multi-national, COMSIXTHFLT sponsored anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise, ASW INVITEX-SHAREM 111. This exercise was designed to evaluate sensors and tactics against diesel submarine threats in a shallow water littoral environment and was conducted March 23-30 along the Malta escarpment, south of Sicily. Pitted aircraft, surface ships, and submarines from the United States, Great Britain, France, and Italy against two diesel submarines from Germany and Italy, in the opposing orange force role.

Focusing on active sonar and towed array operations, the exercise concluded with an actual firing of an exercise torpedo. CDS-32 performed superbly throughout the entire deployment, not only in the area of ASW, but in all operations. Despite an extremely demanding optempo, that included assignment as Commander Task Force Six Zero during the first month and a half of the deployment, and launch area coordinator for four Mediterranean Tomahawk exercises, the staff maintained a unprecedented high level of performance and readiness, truly living up to the staff's motto "anywhere, anytime."

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