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Juniper Hawk

In 1995 COMPHIBRON FOUR conducted ARG 3-95 which included exercises Atlas Hinge 95, Noble Shirley/Noble Chris/Juniper Hawk, Bright Star 95, Alexander the Great 95, and Ready Reserve support of "Operation Joint Endeavor."

In June 1996, the Scorpions of Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron ONE THREE TWO deployed on board USS ENTERPRISE and headed back to the Mediterranean, participating in Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR over Bosnia-Herzegovina and Operation JUNIPER HAWK over Israel. On 28 June 1996 the LANTIRN system on the F-14 Tomcat began it's first operational deployment onboard the USS Enterprise, CVN-65. As well as taking part in missions over Bosnia the squadron flew a 600nm (round trip) strike mission against targets in Israel as part of Exercise Juniper Hawk. As of 26 August 1996 USS Enterprise/CVW-17 was participating in Exercise Juniper Hawk in the Eastern Mediterranean.

As of 24 November 1997, exercise JUNIPER Hawk 97 was underway in the Mediterranean Sea. At that time, USS Guam was also participating in exercise NOBLE SHIRLEY 97-2 in the Mediterranean Sea.

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