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Arrcade Warrior

Turmoil continues to grip the people of Berengaria today as they face an imminent invasion from their western neighbours and an on-rush of refugees from their endangered provinces. NATO forces are heavily engaged in the region in support of Berengaria's government, and remain steadfast in their planning and preparations to turn back an enemy that has earned condemnation from leaders world wide.Although Berengaria is more notion than nation, the invasion was none-the-less real for the multinational staff of Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, which developed a complex scenario to train itself for the rigours of war during a series of six exercises during 2000. The deteriorating situation in Berengaria is the driving force behind these exercises, and the general consensus is that things will get much worse before the conflict is over.

The ARRC is underwent the second of these exercises 10-13 April 2000, ARRCADE WARRIOR I, which continued the fight for Berengaria. The purpose of the training was to get comfortable with the command post design. Objectives for the staff to train on during the week include confirming the layout of a new command post for the corps headquarters -- based on a modular design that can be tailored and adapted to any situation -- and practising the "battle rhythm" needed to sustain 24-hour, continuous operations.

More is at stake in this exercise than the fate of an imaginary nation. The training is essential for developing the ARRC's staff to deploy on little notice in support of the NATO alliance. The ARRC has proven itself an effective headquarters twice before, leading the initial-entry forces in both Bosnia and Kosovo, but continues its intensive training schedule to ensure its success in any future contingency operations.

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