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Dogu Akdeniz

Dogu Akdeniz is a Turkish multi-warfare invitational exercise.

Dogu Akdeniz-97 was conducted off the southern coast of Turkey from March 10-23, and involved naval forces from Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, and the United States. The overall goal of the exercise was to improve mutual training and interoperability between the Turkish navy and allied navies in a multi-threat environment and to provide crisis and wartime training to the participating forces.

American forces participating included USS Hayler, USS Ramage (DDG 61), USS Atlanta (SSN 712), HSL-42 Det 7, Commander Destroyer Squadron 32 embarked with USS Hayler, and two P-3C's used for maritime patrol and targeting data. Dogu Akdeniz waas one of our most challenging exercises during the deployment. The fast pace and constant enemy threat environment tested the limits of capabilities.

During Dogu Akdeniz, USS Hayler (DD 997) exhibited a great deal of flexibility as well as capability. The exercise included a variety events such as communications drills, simulated mined channels, live firing gunnery exercises at surface and air decoy units, naval gunfire support, controlling maritime patrol aircraft, simulated harpoon attacks and air defense exercises. The exercise also tested the shiphandling abilities of the bridge watch standers through various formation changes, evening leapfrog drills and an evening underway replenishment with a Turkish oiler.

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