Noble Dina

NOBLE DINA is an anti-submarine exercise with Israeli naval units.

Since August 2001, the "Mad Foxes" from Patrol Squadron (VP) 5 supported 17 multi-national exercises, including Destined Glory with Spain; Bright Star with Egypt and Noble Dina with Israel. The Mad Foxes participated in numerous exercises to remain proficient in the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance (MPR) community's wide-ranging mission areas, including anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and to strengthen ties with various Mediterranean allies. Furthermore, the squadron's commitment to training resulted in the qualification of five patrol plane commanders, three patrol plane tactical coordinators and 10 mission commanders, as well as numerous enlisted aircrew and ground personnel qualifications.

The Team Trident Patrol Squadron 26 (VP-26) hit the ground running in Sigonella. Since assuming responsibility for the Sigonella Area of Responsibility on 08 February 2001, the Squadron was getting into the groove of new operations throughout the Mediterranean and Adriatic areas. Most of the crews were qualified to fly the Deliberate Forge and Joint Guardian missions assisting NATO forces in keeping the peace in the Balkans and everyone was excited about participating in several multi-national exercises scheduled over the following few weeks. First off wase DOGFISH, a NATO anti-submarine warfare exercise with participants from twelve different countries. This was the Squadron's first chance to compete against some of the most efficient aircrews and submarine crews in the world. Shortly after that the Squadron sent Combat Aircrews 6 and 12 on the first detachment of the deployment, this time to Souda Bay, Crete, to participate in NOBLE DINA, another anti-submarine exercise with Israeli naval units.

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