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Six NATO nations joined three Partnership for Peace (PFP) nations in a NATO/PFP maritime exercise in the Southern Region. The exercise, named COOPERATIVE MERMAID-CLASSICA 95 (CM-C95), was conducted from 17 to 24 November 1995 in the Ligurain Sea off the West Coast of Italy near La Spezia. The exercise involved peacekeeping operations and related search and rescue, sea control and joint operations.

CM-C95 participating NATO forces from France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United States were joined by forces of Partner nations Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The exercise, conducted in the framework of the PFP program launched at the NATO Summit held in Brussels in January 1994, aimed to enhance understanding and cooperation between NATO Forces and the armed forces of Central and Eastern European countries.

The PFP primary goal is to forge new security relationships between the North Atlantic Alliance and its Partners for Peace. Exercising together strengthened the ability to undertake missions with PFP nations in the field of peacekeeping and related maritime operations. CM-C95 is another combined NATO exercise in which naval officers from partner nations integrate fully with NATO naval officers throughout the entire exercise process, from planning through execution. One of CM-C95's objectives was to provide Partner nations the opportunity to observe and participate in the NATO staffing and planning process.

Exercise Classica 96 was conducted, Aug. 31 through Sept. 9, in the spirit of Partnership for Peace. Ships from the U.S. Sixth Fleet, Black Sea and Mediterranean littoral nations trained together in the Black Sea promoting maritime peacekeeping operations.

To help the exercise run smoothly, USS Briscoe (DD 977) assigned two officers to act as a liaison between Briscoe and other foreign vessels participating in the exercise. Briscoe conducted a vertical replenishment (vertrep) with the Ukrainian ship Chernighiv during the two-day, at sea phase of the exercise. The Ukrainians don't replenish while underway like the U.S. Navy. Ukrainian crew members performed a vertrep with a helicopter from Briscoe delivering supplies to the Chernighiv's gundeck.

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