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Juniper Stallion

In December 1988, CVW-8 embarked on THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71) for a Mediterranean deployment, during which it participated in 10 NATO exercises including DRAGON HAMMER, NATIONAL WEEK, and JUNIPER STALLION. CVW-8 distinguished itself by flying over 22,000 mishap free hours and completing over 10,000 sorties during the deployment.

An S-3B Viking from Sea Control Squadron Two Two (VS-22), fired a Maverick AGM-65 air-to-ground missile during air strikes in support of the U.S. and Israeli multi-national training exercise Juniper Stallion, Mar. 10, 1999. Enterprise and her embarked Carrier Air Wing Three (CVW-3) were on a regularly scheduled deployment to the Mediterranean region.

During Juniper Stallion 99, held in August 1999, US Air Force munitions personnel from Italy deployed to Sites 51, 53, and 54, where they inspected and maintained the $500 million worth of materiel the United States keeps in Israel for wartime contingencies. The items include munitions, vehicles, and military equipment for US Marines, Special Forces, and Air Force aircraft at a total of at least six sites in Israel.

During 2000 the Juniper Stallion exercise involved the aircraft carrier battle group USS Eisenhower, running from March 19-26. Eight US aircraft operated from the Nevatim airfield in Israel and US Navy SEALs went ashore to train with their Israeli counterparts. During Juniper Stallion 2000, US aircraft dropped live bombs at two desert ranges in Israel. During 2000 the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, home ported in Norfolk, Va. participated in multi-national exercises Invitex and Juniper Stallion. These exercises focused on developing friendship, trust, and teamwork between coalition nations and increased their combined military readiness for contingency operations. The Eisenhower deployed to Gulf February 18, Adriatic Sea March 6, Trieste March 10, Med March 20-31 (Juniper Stallion March 20-29 off Israel) Souda Bay Crete March 30 - April 3, Med April 12, Haifa, Israel April 14 - 17, Corfu, Greece April 23, Dubrovnic Croatia May 1 -5

The 22nd Fighter Squadron, based in Germany, was the main US Air Force unit participating in the March 2001 Juniper Stallion exercise in Israel, returned from a 90-day tour in Saudi Arabia in late November 2000.

RAF Mildenhall's 100th Supply Squadron received 2001 Major General Warren R. Carter Daedalian and U.S. Air Forces in Europe Supply Effectiveness Awards. More than 120 supply troops from the Squadron deployed for approximately 2,859 man-days and provided 82 pallets of mobility readiness spares packages, or deployable aircraft spares, throughout the European and Central Command theaters in support of numerous operations. They also assisted units with Operations Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Dunkal Hawk, Wintex, Site-53 Juniper Stallion and Sirio.

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