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Ground Forces Facilities

New Iraqi Army Facilities

The new Iraqi Army of 40,000 persons require basing facilities at 18 locations.
Al Hillah Recruiting Station
Al Kasik Military Base
Al Taji Military Base
An Numaniyah Military Base
Ar Rustimiyah
Baghdad IAP
Baghdad Muthenna Recruiting Station
Baqcuba Recruiting Station
Camp Ashraf
Kirkuk Recruiting Station
Kirkuk Army Base
Kirkush Military Training Base (KMTB)
MEK Training Camp
Tallil Military Base
Tikrit Military Base

Iraq Troop Locations - February 2003

403 Kb

254 Kb

NOTE: This is a work in progress, and many of these locations are unclear, ambiguous or probably flat out wrong.

National Security Council/Joint Ops RoomBaghdad
Amn Al-Khass
General Security Service
Military Security Service
Special Republican GuardBaghdad
First Brigade
Second Brigade
Third Brigade
Fourth Armored Brigade
Republican Guard Forces Command (RGFC)
Northern Corps - Allah Akbar Al Rashid & Tikrit
2 Al Medina Armored Division Al Rashid & Al Taji
5 Baghdad Mechanized DivisionJabal Maqlub / Maqloob
7 Adnan Mechanized DivisionMosul
Southern Corps - Al Fateh Al MubinAl Hafriah / Al Hafreia
1 Hammurabi Mechanized DivisionAl Wihdah (Unity) / Al Wahda area, Al-Suwaira
6 Nebuchadnezzar Mech DivisionKarbala / Alhussainia, Al Khut Governate
Al Nida Armored DivisionAbi Saidah / Baaquba
Iraqi Army
Chemical Defence BattalionBalad
Kirzah Training RangeKirzah
Northern Front [Kurdistan]
I CorpsKirkuk
2 Infantry DivisionAl Rabee / Alrabee area
2 Infantry BrigadeBani Maqan Area
4 Infantry BrigadeQarah Anjir
36 Infantry BrigadeQarah Anjir
5 Mechanized DivisionKirkuk / Shuwan Area
15 Mechanized BrigadeShuwan Area
20 Mechanized BrigadeBetween Qarah Anjir and Bani
26 Armored BrigadeQader Karam Village and Lailan Village
8 Infantry DivisionShuwan Area
22 Infantry BrigadeAltun Kupri
44 Infantry BrigadeBetween Taqtaq and Shwasoor Villages
48 Infantry BrigadeAltun Kupri Castle
38 Infantry DivisionTappahlo / Quader Karam / Qader Karan
130 Infantry BrigadeBajawan
847 Infantry BrigadeAliyawah Village
848 Infantry BrigadeKoramor Village
II CorpsDeyala [Diyala] / Mansouria Alijabal Camp
3 Armored DivisionSaadiah-Jalawolaa City / Saadia / Jalawla
6 Armored BrigadeKhanaqin
8 Mechanized BrigadeQarahtappa Village / Qaratapa
12 Armored BrigadeKashkawel
15 Infantry DivisionAmirli / Amerli
76 Infantry BrigadeJabarah
104 Infantry BrigadeQadir Karam
34 Infantry DivisionKhanaqin
90 Infantry BrigadeMarwari Mountain
502 Infantry BrigadeMalekshah Castle - Meekhass Road
504 Infantry BrigadeGowlajooh-Shaikh Bawah Village
V CorpsMosul / Alsalamia Camp
1st Mechanized DivisionMakhmoor-Gayarah / Makhmur
1st Mechanized BrigadeBetween Makhmoor and Deebagah City
27th Mechanized BrigadeAl Quads Village
34th Armored BrigadeAl Adnania City - Mosul
4th Infantry DivisionBaa'sheeqa / Bashiqa Maoten / Bashiqa
5th Infantry BrigadeTal Al Baa'roor
29th Infantry BrigadeShaikhan City
96th Infantry BrigadeAl Khazer Bridge
7th Infantry DivisionAl Adnani / Alton Kopri Castle / Al Mansour
38th Infantry BrigadeAltun Kupri Qooshtapah Road
39th Infantry BrigadeDeebagah
116th Infantry BrigadeBetween Beestana and Qooshtapah
16th Infantry DivisionMosul / Saddam Dam, Mosul area
108th Infantry BrigadeMosul-Faidah, Faidah Camp
505th Infantry BrigadeJamboor-Faidah Road (road to Duhok)
606th Infantry BrigadeShiakhan-Mosul
Southern Front
III CorpsQala Salih
6th Armored DivisionNasha
25 Mechanized BrigadeNashwah / Al Nashwa
30 Armored BrigadeSalam / Shalamcha
70 Armored BrigadeMajnun / Majnon
11th Infantry DivisionSouth of Qala Salih / Al Naserria / Naserrya
23 Infantry BrigadeTar
45 Infantry BrigadeSalayeen Marshes
47 Infantry BrigadeAl She'ebah - Basrah
51st Mechanized DivisionAl She'ebah - Basrah / Zubair / Zubiar
31 Mechanized BrigadeAl She'ebah - Basrah
32 Mechanized BrigadeZubair
41 Armored BrigadeRumailah
IV CorpsMamoon / Amara / Almajar
10 Armored DivisionAl Teeb (Immarah) / Al Teab, Amara / Al Teab
17 Armored BrigadeAl Sheeb Area
24 Mechanized BrigadeAl Husharah-Immarah
42 Armored BrigadeAl Teeb Area
14th Infantry DivisionSalam / S/SE Al Amara / El Amara
14th Infantry BrigadeMamoon
18th Infantry BrigadeMedineh
426th Infantry BrigadeAl'Uzayr
18th Infantry DivisionQala Salih / Al Musharah & Al Kahla
95th Infantry BrigadeQala Salih / Al'Uzayr
422nd Infantry BrigadeKahla
704th Infantry BrigadeAl Majarr al Kabir

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