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1st Brigade - Special Republican Guard (SRG)

As of June 1998, the First Brigade consisted of 180 officers and 6916 ranks. It headquarters were located at Hayy Al-Qadisiyeh; near SRG Command/Al-Nisoor Square at Al-Harithiyeh, in the former Military Police headquarters. The First Brigade is assigned to security detail missions.

Brigade Headquarters:

  • Headquarters platoon.
  • Chemical platoon.
  • Commandos platoon.
  • Communications platoon.

First Battalion (Security)

The 1st Battalion, 1st Brigade, was tasked with the protection and accompaniment of Saddam's motorcade.

Its headquarters were located in Hayy Al-Jihad (near Hayy Al-'Amiriyeh), near the National Security College and the Communal Shops of the Officers of the Secret Police. Prior to that, its headquarters used to lie on the 14th of July Street in front of the former People's Army building at the end of Al-Kindi Street.

The Battalion commanded a platoon in the nearby Hayy Al-Furat near the local Ba'ath Party headquarters, and it was a special mobile platoon that accompanied Saddam's motorcade. The unit also commanded another platoon inside the Republican Palace that was the second line of defense for Saddam, as well as three other platoons stationed at the headquarters.


  • First Platoon: The unit was tasked with the special mobility within the Republican Palace and orchestrating diversionary presidential motorcades. It consisted of 150-200 fighters who operated some 150 Mercedes Benzes.
  • Second Platoon: The unit served as the third line of defense after the bodyguards and the "special" protection. All of its members were drivers who operate Mercedes and their duty was to accompany any presidential motorcade within the country and to spread out as a third line of defense in any area visited by the president. Personnel from that unit also acted as back-up should any other cars in the motorcade break down or crash.
  • Third Platoon: The unit was tasked with transport and diversionary tactics. It included an anti-aircraft squad and other related squads, which provided aerial protection.
  • Fourth Platoon
  • Fifth Platoon
  • Back-up Platoon
  • Headquarters Platoon

Second Battalion (Security)

The 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, consisted of eight platoons, each containing 200-300 fighters.

The unit was tasked with deploying on foot to protect Saddam's motorcade; setting up roadblocks on any routes leading to his residences or lakes; protecting his personal farms and palaces close to the airport; and preventing anyone from entering these areas, including even the commander of the Special Republican Guard. The unit also provided roadblocks and protection for farms belonging to Saddam's relatives.

Its headquarters were located at Al-'Amiriyeh at the end of Hayy Al-Furat on the parallel road to the Airport Highway, near the UN ASKWA Offices.

Fifth Battalion (Security)

The 5th Battalion, 1st Brigade, was tasked with protecting the entrances to the Republican Palace and setting up road blocks on the routes leading to the National Assembly and the Republican Palace as well as the inspection points within the palace. The unit often accompanied Saddam Hussein on hunting trips.

The unit reportedly operated on three-hours shifts, alternating between three of duty, and three hours of rest.

A Special Intelligence officer conducted the training of the Fifth Battalion which revolved around the techniques needed for protecting important officials. That training went from 7am until 10am and involves infantry and intensive commando training on the grounds of the Republican Palace.

As of June 1998, instructions to the unit came directly from Qussai Saddam Hussein, the Supervisor of both the Special Intelligence Agency and the Special Republican Guard.

The unit was considered to be of vital importance and its headquarters were located inside the Republican Palace.


  • Headquarters Platoon: The unit consisted of an elite mobile squad with cars and motorcycles, and the "House Squad" which protected the Presidential House in the palace compound.
  • First Platoon: The unit was tasked with guarding the National Command of the Ba'ath Party, the Special Dijleh Complex exclusive for ministers, Adnan Kheir-Allah's palace, the Ukhaidher palace in Al-Jadiriyeh (near Babel Hotel), and the tomb of Michel Aflaq. Its headquarters were located inside the military bureau facing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
  • Second Platoon: With its headquarters located inside the palace, the unit was tasked with securing the four main entrances to the palace, and the interior entrances together with a special anti-aircraft regiment headquartered inside the Republican Palace.
  • Third Platoon: With its headquarters located inside the National Assembly, the Third Platoon was tasked with guarding Saddam's private museum, the special yachts, Udai's swimming pool (Saddam's son), the Presidential Court, the Cabinet building, the Ministry of Planning, the car garages of the President's family, the headquarters of the Special Intelligence Apparatus, the Arab Child Hospital, the Office of the President's Secretary, and the Office of the Director of the Presidential Court.
  • Fourth Platoon: The Fourth Platoon served as the main inspection points leading to the palace which include the Ibn Sina Hospital, the Hall of Eternity, the Information Desk of the Presidential Palace, the Information Desk of the Presidential Court, the National Assembly, the Cabinet Building, and the Shakiriyeh inspection point. With its headquarters located at the Information Desk of the Presidential Palace, the unit was equipped with Russian-made BKC-RBK Kalashnikovs and consisted of three squads (10, 11 and 12).
  • Fifth Platoon: The unit's headquarters were located inside the Republican Palace. It provided early warning.
  • Sixth Platoon: The unit's headquarters were located inside the Republican Palace, with one squad stationed at the Muthanna Airport. It provided early warning.

Seventh Battalion (Security)

The unit's headquarters were located Al-'Amiriyeh/Hayy Al-Furat, near an elementary school.

The Seventh Battalion was an independent battalion whose members were in civilian clothing. Most of its members reportedly made it into the Special Republican Guard through contacts. Their basic duty was protect the private residences of officials.

Eighth Battalion (Security)

The unit's headquarters were located at Ridhwaniyeh/Saddam International Airport from the Abu-Ghraib side near the prefabicated residences of airport employees formerly used to house the French company that supervised the building of the airport, near Al-Faris Al-Arabi Club.

The Eighth Battalion was tasked with protecting the entrances to the airport from the Airport Highway and from the Abu-Ghraib road.

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